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Hobby Weekender 15/06/18 A shameless copy and paste! (of a copy and paste…)

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    Buys few days guys. Gonna make this one quick, slightly different music with the usual disclimaer. I will try to be on top of this better this weekend and count up the prior one later today. Got the pool, gym with a PT and martial arts seassion tonight. Hoping to get some hobby in too as well as other chores and errands!



    For those of you not familiar with this thread format; it is a virtual hangout to post, chat, and interact on a deeper level than a ‘show and tell’ thread. First we make a pledge as to what we will do this weekend, I shoot up some questions for people to answer to stimulate conversation, we throw up links to music videos, and I dole out points to decide a winner of the thread at the end of the week.

    There are some rules: don’t be a jerk. That’s the main one. If you do not like the format, the style or idea, then please don’t post. Participate! This is an inclusive thread moving on from the weirdness that went on in the past. No swearing, keep things politically correct, no religion, politics or wuss rock. I think that some up most of it. Ill stick to the normal format as I imagine I will be relatively busy with this weekend.

    Have fun!

    I know it’s a copy and paste job but I need to head to bed and have this already prepared for tomorrow in case I am busy.

    Ladies and gentleme, bon appetite!






    Of last week ends projects , only the garden gnomes got finished , Too many other distractions I’m afraid  IMG_20180605_200137362 The Panzer IV and Panther got a little bit of work but no way near what I had planned , and never even got the Stuka kit out of the box . This weekend I’m goIMG_20180317_132012ing to finish one of them , but I’m also going on a Record Store / Hobby Shop road trip on Sunday so I’m probably not getting much down except adding more kits to the pileIMG_20180511_054436505 (1)



    Hails gents,

    My pledge is a simple continuation of my previous one: Work on my Knights.

    Today I finished the darker colour around the edges. I’m pleased with it for the most part although there are a couple of sections that ended up too dark. I’ll just have to weather the crap out of those.

    I’m a novice with an airbrush and this was the most I’d ever attempted with it. I’m better now than when I started so that must count for something.

    Yesterday was a bit of a write-off. I started using the Forge World airbrush paints for the first time and didn’t realise just how badly they had separated. I shook the crap out of the pot but it was pretty much sediment at the bottom. I wasted a lot of time trying to build up colour with what was essentially coloured thinner.

    Once I realised my mistake things moved a lot quicker.




    @a27cromwell (45 points)

    10 points for posting first, 10 for the gnomes, no 15, 10 points for the tank, and ten points for the pledge.



    @irredeemable (40 points)

    10 points for the pledge, 5 points for becoming a Level 2 Airbrusher. How did you fix the separation problem, did shaking the hell out of them work? 25 for your progress.

    The Knight looks good, other thread doers. Ive seen them in person. @irredeemable should post close-ups of his sub-assemblies.



    Uhhhm sorry I am late Sir but I got my braces stuck in the front door handle and it took me 103 attempts to reach the garden gate before I realised why the front path seemed so blinking long…..

    Ok it’s one of those “We’re going to do some odd jobs around the house!” weekends. I love it when the wife says We’re coz it means I’m going to do it and she’s going to tell me I’m doing it wrong…. Silly Woman, it’s me, of course i’m doing it wrong….

    Anyhoo apparently my diary is full this weekend. It’s the Town Carnival tomorrow (Saturday) and the Granddaughter is on one of the floats and the Wife wants me to spend the day with her* …. on otherwords i’m the mug pushing her wheelchair up all the flippin hills.

    *I spent a day with the wife about five months ago and i’m worried she’s forming a habit.

    Then apparently I have three sheds to clear and tidy for the summer, a lawn to mow and numurous other odd jobs the wife has decided must be done this weekend 🙁

    Sooo no pledge from me this week but I will pop in during my Tea breaks (and trust me when I say there will be many of them) and see how you guys are doing and going green with envy …. oooh camoflage.


    @a27cromwell I love the Gnomes, with all their gardening tools, and being short fat and hairy, I can really identify with them,

    Great work on the Panzer IV and Panther too,

    @irredeemable The knights are coming along nicely Sir, loving the yellow, not an easy colour to paint either.


    2094xp   Ian , Wilko & the Blockheads  . It took a while but I think I’m getting the hang of it .  At least I know the the edit button works   lol

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    Good morning and good stuff so far guys! Off to training and doing a couple of bits and pieces before posting my own material and the questions I’ve thought up.


    Happy hunting



    Im back! Painting… my Chaos Knights again! That’s my pledge this weekend people.

    The traditional questions are here, so here here!

    (1) What is your favourite random hobby product? For me its liquid green stuff. It saves my butt when it comes gap filling and not having to sand file or do loads of mad stuff to a mini.

    (2) What game mats out there are you eyeing up for your table? I want the frozen one for Frostgrave some company whose name I can’t remember did, which beasts also did a video on.

    (3) What do you think of large army sets like this? Do you like them:



    Good afternoon folks, hope you are all having a relaxing weekend (well, apart from @mage who’s off training because he’s  a madman 😛 )?

    Not much hobby as of yet I’m afraid BUT, did get another addition for my “will get painted someday” Crimson Fists force, a Relic Contemptor Dreadnought with Assault Cannon and Chainfist:

    2018-06-16 13.39.13

    ..this was a lovely kit to build, and should pair well with the Leviathan that I dug an old Forge World skull & purity seal kit to inject a bit of 40k into it….

    2018-06-16 13.39.26


    • Well last night i mainlined all seven episodes of Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 6 that Netflix dropped (technically it was Season 4 Part 2, but lets not quibble…) and my word. If next season we don’t get an update or shoutout to the Daiugger/Vehicle Team Voltron I’ll be VERY surprised….
    • Took Voyager-class Starscream from the Power of the Primes  range and applied a set of Toyhax’s spiffy Reprolables, giving him a real spruce up (as sold the figure has some truely terrible stickers covering up  a massive amount of really nice detail).
    • Had the last volume of the Judge Dredd Mega Collection partwork come through the post – 90 volumes of the finest tales from the Big Meg. Very nice but now I have no idea where to put them….
    • Going to be working on an anime review for a site who sent me some review disks. I’m sure I watched one of these shows subbed so lets see if the dub makes any more sense >_<
    • And tomorrow I’m going to aim to get my Wolf Guard Terminators finished off.  I was going to try to today  but just not feeling it 🙁


    So back from the Carnival and am sitting her in a bright green Makini and Hula Skirt. stoned out of my head on a Starbiucks coffee (I haven’t touched caffiene in over five years), I can see why people get addicted to the stuff…. Am I rambling again?? Not stopped since the coffee. Oops I think I just put £20 on England to win the World Cup….

    Right serious face on

    @dawfydd great poses on the dreadnoughts Sir. I’m definately like the smaller one’s “come and have a go!” look.


    Aha the questions:

    1) Dremmel…. well not a Dremmel but a cheap £14 Knock off from E-Buyer

    It may not last as long as a Dremmel but for the price it does what I need it too. (and from what i’ve seen recently Dremmels arn’t what they used to be anyway)


    2) I have a couple of 4×4 ones for wwx and Dropzone Commander and a small one for The Walking Dead. I think a 3×3 swamp one for Malifaux would be good and a 6×4 grasslands/battlefield one would be excellent for Bolt Action. Mind you one of the Blood Bowl pitches would be cool and a 4×4 cobbled streets for Warmachine…. I give up… I need money….


    3) I think they’re great. New Player? get an Army Box, Want to start a new Faction? Get an Army Box, Want to add troops you havent got to your existing Faction? get an Army Box, There are so many reasons to buy these and unless you already have most of the contents very few reasons not too. A lot save you money as well with essentially free Mini’s and we all love free stuff,  don’t we?


    Catch ya later guys




    Afternoon guys,

    Well in between World Cup games I’ve managed to get a little hobby done. I’ll be tackling the Knights later today, I want to spray in the sheer white/black panels. I’ve also (foolishly) started building a third.

    My brother brought some cool hobby stuff with him so today we tried some of it out on a test piece for my piping. I wanted to see how chipping worked and also the oil-based paints that can be adjusted with turpentine. Overall, really pleased with what turned out to be a pretty quick paint job.

    View post on

    View post on

    The process was pretty simple:

    1. Undercoat with Chaos Black Spray.

    2. Basecoat with Mournfang Brown Spray and then matte varnish.

    3. Heavy coat of chipping medium airbrushed on.

    4. Coat of Averland Sunset sprayed on.

    5. Mix of Averland and White Scar airbrushed on.

    6. Once dry, brushed with water and rubbed until paint chipped where I wanted it.

    7. Metal parts were basecoated with Leadbelcher.

    8. Leadbelcher was then washed with Nuln Oil and Aggrax Earthshade.

    9. Whole piece was airbrushed with AK Streaking Grime and left to dry.

    10. Using a cloth and cotton bud dipped in turpentine I cleaned the Streaking Grime off most of the piece.

    11. Sponged on a light bit of Ironbreaker as a highlight. This was purposely done haphazardly.


    Like I said, it was my first time messing around with these techniques and I’ll definitely be ordering in my own and revisiting my scenery.



    Love the dreads man, I have a (very) fledgling Death Company that I want to get a Leviathan for and turn it into a Furioso.



    Yellow is the paint from Hell and I wouldn’t have touched it without an airbrush. For pale shades it just works wonders.



    1. Honestly cant answer this as I’m in the middle of discovering loads of new ones.

    2. mats are something I want to get more of. Really like the Badlands one I have from

    3. Army boxes are great and when they come with rules like the GW ‘Get Started’ boxes they really are the best place to start with an army.

    For music today, I’ll share with you some of my favourite cover versions.



    Oooh covers

    Not really a cover with Rob Halford as guest but I love it anyway


    And one to show that Rock Songs should never be covered by Pop Artists (who really dont understand what the lyrics mean)



    No better place to post this than this thread :

    How’s that for a cover ? 😉

    Did I mention Deadpool 2 was great ?

    (1) What is your favourite random hobby product?

    I’d say Revell plastic glue.
    The tiny metal tip is soo useful when you need just a itsy bits teensy drop in just the right place.

    (2) What game mats out there are you eyeing up for your table?

    I keep wishing for one that shows a planet from orbit at night, preferably with glow in the dark paint effects.
    Need not be Earth though. I’m not sure they exist.

    (3) What do you think of large army sets like this?

    I like them for their easy access to a viable army for those new to a given faction/rule set.
    And I kind of dislike them because it makes me think all armies of a faction will look alike if they are popular (then again … that’s bound to happen in a tournament as well).
    The one thing most systems don’t do is follow up on those starter sets with guidelines and/or expansion packs.
    Corvus Belli did it for Infinity.

    Currently awaiting the ‘Vikings: Great Hall Burning’ kickstarter, which has arrived in Jamaica NY (from their previous stop in Newark NJ) … I’m not sure how many days/weeks until they invade Europe though.
    That should be a boatload of vikings, some buildings and the rules. 😀

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    Busy day with hobby, but no pictures to show, which is kinda silly but hey it is what it is.

    Ill answer what I can as it is late and I have stuff to do tomorrow. Admittedly I have skimmed some of this but I will come back to what I have not covered.

    @biggabum (10 points)

    Town carnival? Visiting the mother in law I take it?

    We will see you when we can, best of luck doing the chores.

    10 points for feedback to others

    @dawfydd (30 points)

    Yeah, one hour of martial arts this morning, then coffee and breakfast afterward with some of the guys. Then me and my cousin tore into some of his Oathmark Dwarves. He’s army is looking good but it is early days yet.

    Then more tomorrow. Martial arts grading, a seminar after it and a meal after that. Busy day.

    I like the Contemptor. 10 points.

    Damn, the Leviathan looks HUUUUUUUGE

    Is that a Voltron remake? I do not know much about it.

    Is that a good starscream figure? Saw it in a toyshop but bought the lego Dr Strange Sanctum Sanctorum instead.

    20 points for the pledge.

    @limburger (60 points)

    1) 15 points. Sounds pretty solid a product to me.

    2) Like looking at a city from an airplane on a night flight? Also 15 points.

    Privateer Press did it for their starter ones which is a Warlock/Warcaster and Battlegroup for WarmaHordes, which is good. So a huge company like GW falls down with it while the competititors use common sense. I like your answer. It is detailed and multi-faceted, so I am awarding a whopping 30 points. Give us a link to the KS.


    @irredeemable – Good to see more Knight Progress.


    @a27cromwell cannot wait to see more of your work too.

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