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Is there any appetite for a year long tale of gamers?

Home Forums News, Rumours & General Discussion Is there any appetite for a year long tale of gamers?

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    Hello OTTers

    I have really enjoyed the FoW Challenge that happened this year and the small group of us that came together to support and comment on each other’s projects.

    With 2020 in sight and the ever present project pile awaiting our attention I was wondering if a few of us would like to band together to do a year long Tale of Gamers using the project system?

    I would suggest with such a nice long period we aim to complete a force for gameplay.

    I would suggest any complete force for any game system that would allow you to field the force for an associated event.

    I would also suggest we are realistic in the force we select based on the likely time we will hobby during 12 months whilst allowing for other smaller projects to encroach.

    This means it can be anything from a Kill Team to a full 6mm Waterloo force or beyond.

    I would ask that if possible towards the years end for those who are able, that maybe OTT host an Armies on Parade for those that have taken part and we get together to admire the effort and final results and maybe have a few games too.

    If this is something that would interest you I would ask you post comments to show support so the team can see if it is worth asking the question on a Weekender.

    Many thanks for reading




    I think that is a brilliant showcase for the projects system and a great motivator for anyone.

    The FoW challenge really highlighted that an army can be broken down into small bits that are manageable.

    It probably would help motivate others to get an army started, because if you can show that an army really is a series of small steps the task is less intimidating.

    The step size would depend on the gamesystem, but I think that too would help people get their armies started & finished.
    We may need help to find an appropiate step size for each game system, but that isn’t essential as you can opt to do it one unit per month/week/day.

    Maybe all we need is a tag to make such projects easier to find ?
    Call it ‘armies on parade’ or something and add it to the list that has ’40k Hobby weekend’.
    The deadline may be trickier to manage using tags, but it needs to be optional simply because not everyone wants to add the pressure that comes with it.

    I want to refocus my own projects to something similar by next year.
    This may be the one thing that could help me set my own pace, which has been all over the place so far.



    I’d be up for taking part – plus Coleraine isn’t that far from me.  There is already one I may take part in for Kings of War being run by Black Jack Legacy on Facespace, it is painting 250 points to have a 2000 point by August… plus I still have a bucket load of FoW I need to finish (that might be my Spring Clean challenge), I need to get back to my Chaos 40k project plus Black Seas, Fatties for Judge Dredd (maybe), Gauls and Greeks for Clash of Seas, 10mm stuff for Tiny Dragon Rampart (I think)…  Can you also invent more time?



    I think we could easily accommodate more than one army if you want @robert

    @limburger I agree this will help me focus on a single or number of single projects.



    It’s a good idea but I’m not exactly  how much I could commit to. I’m about to start my Clash of Spears army but it will be January before I got to it.



    @torros of course that’s not a problem buddy. I am not sure how big a force CoS would be but I imagine you could get a fair bit of it done by December 2020.

    The joy of an Armies on Parade is that you could just showcase at the end of the year what you did achieve even if it isn’t the full amount for a game.




    Sounds like a cool idea



    @torros I think that part of the challenge is finding a way to break down an army list into small chunks that make the goal feel more like something you could do.

    You can always choose to do less if you find yourself getting swamped by real life.

    It’s about finding a speed that works and making the building & painting an army feel less like climbing mount Doom.



    Well I always paint 20mm WW2 every year…


    …and who doesnt need another German army…






    And I doubt the Soviets want another one either 😉




    Id be up for it, i’ve toyed with the idea of making an armies on parade display before. Have been jealous of the Stalingrad Russian set up I see in the cabinet at my local games store every time I see it.



    I really like the idea, doing a force over the space of 12 months would also be easier on the wallet. Were you thinking of everyone doing the same game?



    No, I was thinking of letting people do any force size for any game. The idea is to complete a playable force and make it as open as possible for people to take part in.



    I have two projects for next year in mind, clash of spears romans once I know how big I need to go and I have an itch to scratch regarding Napoleonics but I haven’t decided on a scale probably 6 or 10 mm (suggestions welcome). It would be good to focus on a gathering towards the end of the year so that we can put them on the table. Warren’s always mentioned wanting to do Waterloo, so that may be a way to get a few of us together and do a section of the battle?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)

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