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    Oh no, not again. Oh yes, it is that time again. Time to get messy and slop paint everywhere! Another week draws to a close and you know where you want to be. It’s like ‘Cheers’, but without any rehabilitation. If you are old enough to remember that show…remember Lilith? I doubt she was named after Adam’s first wife either if you know what I mean…

    Read EVERYTHING before you commit to posting. If you have a problem(s) understanding ANYTHING then please ask before you decide we are the Fourth Reich or the latest klavern of the Klan.* Anyone posting that they want to purge filth like us from the internet will be asked not to take part. This thread tends to attract the “old dog” types and even though you can teach old dogs new tricks, most of the time they just want to have a snooze and scratch their nuts every now and again. We tend to say what we think/know as we have been around a bit, done stuff, and know more than you might think. Bare that in mind at all times and I think we will be fine.

    This thread is not for hatred, but for the love of toy soldiers, talking nonsense, and getting to know each other and new people. If you think it is more than that – it is in your head!

    If you want to join the fun then this is how you do it: first you have to make your “pledge“. It can be anything gaming related and it can be as large, or small, as you like or have time for. The best thing is that it is not a competition and you don’t have to finish it while you are here. No, in here “happiness is the road” and as it is not a race you can just enjoy yourself. However, you do have to present us with photographic evidence of your hard work.

    Remember: no pledge = no play!

    This thread is supposed to be ‘conversational‘ and to get things started there are some questions for you to answer. No text speak either and the use of “basically” is totally banned. It doesn’t mean anything! Writing it is even more laughable. We all get to learn something about each other as we interact. The questions are just for fun so don’t make them into something they are not. If your reply gets ‘points’ after it that is to represent my smile.

    1. fantasy fight-club: 3 people you would have a square go with.

    2. what kind of bathroom/toilet person are you? Are you in-and-out with nothing more than a shake or do you like to read your new rule book while dropping depth charges…do tell. Do you have any good words for when you go? Is it a cable, monkeys finger, King-Kongs cigar, Billy the Brown Bear, or do you just ‘drop the kids off at the pool’? No biology lessons please.

    3. worst thing(s) about being at school as a teenager? Were you the Jock or the Nerd? (any bets for people in here)

    It is expected that your work is accompanied by only the very best sounds. Write us a playlist. Discovering new stuff rules. No headphones and play at 11. No wuss rock either. In here your entire character can be destroyed by posting some dreadful song for us. If you asked me to help you get rid of a dead body then no problem (I know a guy with a piggory), but don’t ask me to listen to Muse. I am not that kind of girl. As I typed that the Electric Chairs started playing…it has started again.

    While here you should feel free to boast, tell a joke or a sad story of love and woe, show pictures, and generally do all the things that are not encouraged out there in the real world.

    When you are here just pretend that we are having afternoon tea with my Grandmother and you will get on fine. If you behave like a gentleman, or lady, then your stay here will be all gravy and biscuits. I would have said tea with my Aunt Stella, but she would have all your money at cards within an hour. She could also swear like a boiler-stokers reunion. All those years I spent in the company of common soldiers and I never heard half the words she used to use. She taught me ‘bugger, bugger, bugger’ when I started talking much to my mothers horror.

    We also adopt Glasgow pub rules: NAE POLITICS & NAE RELIGION. However, if you need to make a better point then it is fine so long as it does not turn into a lecture.

    No taking the piss either or you’ll be lookin oot fae the malkie. Read the sign…


    There is only one ‘rule’ in here that you cannot break, change, or transmute…NO DICKS! Firms. (‘firms’ means that this is absolute)

    Right, if that is all as clear as mud…you may begin. Play nice.



    * The next Fourth Reich meeting is on tuesday. 7pm in the lounge of  “The Dockers Fist”. No hoods as mine is in the wash. There will be a BBQ following the cross-burning.


    Cult of Games Member

    Pledge, not Kickstarter, I will do some more work on my terrain.


    And yesterday I won a game of SW:L against the owner of my FLGS. Not by much, but a win is a win. I used a new list and spawned 9 activations. Much fun was had. (And with the new rules reference book my 799 points list is now a 781 list which gives me even more options! 8))

    Setup at turn 1:


    …and at the end of turn 6 not much left:



    Cult of Games Member

    Pledge – Do a bit more sculpting on my Nurglefiend IMG_2304IMG_2301

    Finish these Panzer IVs and start on some Stugs and Panthers.


    Questions –
    1. The only fantasy fighting I am interested in are the books.

    2. This really is a shit question.

    3. The worst thing about being a teenager at mixed sex-school was being a walking erection, literally.  Jocks is a horrible American import and jocks and nerds didn’t really exist in Northern Irish Grammar Schools in the 90s (or at least the one I went to) – the only group that had a name was the god squad.   I played rugby but I also played Warhammer… no-one ever called me anything but my name (to my face anyway).


    Cult of Games Member

    @sundancer – just wait for me to start so you could be first. 200pts. The “power generators”(?) look awesome…I want some! 100pts. They will look amazing with a coat of paint.

    SW:L – Star Wars: Legions I take it? It is always a good rush to beat someone in his own shop/home. 500pts. Were you using the Lizard guy that you were painting here?

    Battle report! I love a good BR. 500pts. I love the Speeder.

    Your buildings look fantastic on the table. Did it work the way you were hoping?

    @robert – no show without Punch! 500pts. That is a pretty honking bit of work going on there. Nice. 1000pts. Reading my comments on your Nurgle stuff and people must think I don’t like you. However, it is not right to say, “That Nurgle Daemon Prince is really stunning”, or “Beautiful bit of work”, it just doesn’t sound right. You know what I mean.

    I hope you are going to be drilling out those vent/exhaust pipes? No slacking in here. The stuff coming out of the mouths is disgusting. No sqeezie cheese on toast for me! 500pts.

    The tanks are pretty outstanding too. 200pts. Will you be adding some weathering?

    1. not good enough! If I have to keep the questions ‘clean’ then you have to answer them. Easy for me: Captain Kirk, Captain Ahab, and my mother! From those three I think I could have a chance against 2 of them.

    2. Great answer! 1000pts. I love to read/listen to the radio while i’m on the pot and in the bath. I also never wash in a bath! Disgusting notion.

    3. Lucky you! 500pts. Most of the girls in my school were total hounds. Girls PE lessons outside was like watching a council estate version of Crufts. There were a few exception, but you didn’t need two hands to count them. There is not a joke hidden in that sentence either. No hot teachers either!

    My school was a bit rough and so were the surrounding areas. The worst bit for me was being beaten and/or tortured for amusement and sport. Not every day, but just those with a ‘Y’ in their name. Schooldays are supposed to be the best days of your life…my arse.

    I wouldn’t have expected religion in a NI school! 200pts. Catholic or Proddy?

    I just used “jock” and “nerd” so everyone would get it. There wasn’t really anything like that at my Ludus either. Just people who didn’t get enough hugs when they was small and when they reached pubity they needed to his ‘something’.


    Cult of Games Member

    Right, dinner time for me. Not squirty cheese either! My “pledge” is that I have a few things to finish off: the Antipode Assault pack need a little attention, Traktor Muls need spraying their proper colour, and there are the new starter-set aliens to finish building before sunday. There are still a few bits of scatter terrain that need a final touch before the get used.

    That will do for a start. There is nobody in tomorrow until 1900hrs so I have plenty of time. Play nice until I get back.


    Cult of Games Member

    Here you go. I put a wash over the front just to make the detail a bit easier to pick out. These are the new Nox Troops. Nox = Night and it is said that these troops will come out of the night and steal the very light from your soul. No thanks!





    How good are these minis?


    Brilliant picture. I have been sorting through the last lot I downloaded. Everyone does this, right?


    Just in case anyone else plays KSP – how do you like my experimental Munar Station?



    So stuff I just finished this week were the Cypher Lords for Warcry and teaching some friends to play the game.



    1. Yeah the only fighting I care about is if I need to punch a fascist.

    2. In and out. No need for developing a prolapse.

    3. Worse thing about high school – the more insidious type of bullying. So I was never targeted by violent bullying, and as a small high school that would have not gone down well with everyone knowing everyone. University was a great equaliser when you are free to reinvent or express yourself more freely without the historical baggage of school. If anything divisions at school were more based on being preppy popular townies, or more alternative types.

    Pledge – likely some terrain for Warcry I am picking up today, and finally painting Blackstone Fortress.



    Good Morning All!

    My dance card’s filling up fast, so I don’t know how much hobby I’ll get done this weekend. I’ve had to take a break from all the “pre-reading” for my ESL course. I’m burning out already, and technically, the courses don’t even start till Monday! Still, pledge I must!

    Pledge: I’m going to work on stats for my two Battlesystem command groups: commander, bugler, standard bearer for both my orc horde and my barbarian horde. All the mini’s are done, including a few non-army figures that will jerk the characters around. Not sure I posted a finished version of this.IMG_0714 (2)

    I like the translucent Reaper Bones stuff for doing watery critters. I brushed on primer on the base before painting it, but the water weird itself just got a bit of a wash around the face and base, and a ‘foamy’ drybrush in places. The final touch was gobs of shiny varnish.

    I would like to work on game boards, but my nephew’s wedding snuck up on us, which will completely f*ck my Saturday. Rant complete.


    1. Who would I fight? Long story. In honour of Aboriginal Day last year one came through the front door at 11:30 at night and attacked Vi. I was already in bed as it was a weeknight and I had to be up at 4:30 AM. She got away from the guy and ran up the stairs to get me. She rousted me out of a deep sleep by yelling ‘Intruder’. Luckily for both of us, the guy tripped coming up the stairs, so I was able to meet him at the top of the landing. A kick to the chest sent him back down the stairs, and took most of the fight out of him. I was able to ‘entertain’ him till the RCMP arrived.

    This spring I was cutting the tall grass beside the driveway and found a Colt .45 Peacemaker. I guess the guy had planned on using it, but dropped it, and couldn’t find it in the dark. I wondered why he didn’t at least have a knife or a baseball bat. Once I found that out I wanted to have another go at him. His hospital stay would have been a lot longer.

    Next person I want to pumphandle: the guy who stole my miniatures from my LGS last September. I know who he is, but he’s moved to Nova Scotia.

    Last person: the guy who stole my camera last week at my LGS!

    2. Toileting: I’m an in-and-out kinda guy. I’ve got things to do! Normally I would just “pinch one off” but I’ve got a stomach bug this week, which has turned my ass into a shotgun, rather than dropping a satisfying steamy coiler.

    3. The worst thing about being in school as a teenager was being in school as a teenager. Who thought it was a good idea to try and cram my head full of knowledge when all those raging hormones were controlling my life? Beer, pot, cars and girls were the only things I cared to learn about. I was on the 4-year plan in high school, and only graduated by the skin of my teeth. Odd, as I have a 4.3 GPA in university right now.

    Jock? Guilty as charged. I was on the volleyball and basketball teams.

    Music: sorry, can’t give you a link as I can’t play videos or bring up YouTube at work. Listening to Headstones right now “Long Way to Neverland.” I also like “Tweeter and the Monkeyman” if anyone is looking for more of their music.


    I can see I have a lot to go through already! What a great start!


    Cult of Games Member

    @doctorether your Warcry stuff is looking great!  Really must make a start on mine.  Terrain is wonderful as well, I do love a lot of what GW have been doing in the AOS universe!

    @sundancer terrain looks good on the board!  Well done on your magnificent victory.

    @unclejimmy not sure what is next for the Nurglefiend… I might drill a hole or two in it.  Have to clean the mould lines first, no point spending ages tidying up only for it to be covered, plus I would say I will dig into the plastic here and there just to add a little depth…. I didn’t plan it very well, otherwise I would have had more stuff actually coming out of the model, rather than being stuck on it.  I just blew my load too quickly when I started… but nothing new there.

    Don’t think I am going to bother with weathering or even putting on the schurzen.  These can be factory new, just arrived at the front, and not seen any action yet.  Not even going to add any bush!

    I always have a shower when I get out of the bath.  No religion either.  Not going to break your rules and be naughty!


    Cult of Games Member

    SW:L – Star Wars: Legions I take it? It is always a good rush to beat someone in his own shop/home. 500pts. Were you using the Lizard guy that you were painting here?

    Correct SW:L is Star Wars: legion. Nope, not enough points for that 😉

    Your buildings look fantastic on the table. Did it work the way you were hoping?

    Aesthetically yes (even they looked better IRL) but they also served well as cover. Could have used a bit more.


    Cult of Games Member

    Rare that I make a pledge as the spawnlings tend to make things difficult to plan to things ahead of time but here I go. Can’t succeed if I never take the challenge, right?
    The sprog is off with Grandparents tonight/tomorrow so hopefully there’ll be some time to get down and get some hobby done.


    • Drill barrels on my Ork Kill Team and prime them*.
    • Build my Sicarian Infiltrators/Sicarians to fill out my Mechanicus Kill Team

    Figured I have to start somewhere if I am going to get around to painting all the teams I have build over the last 6 months. Figured I would start with the Orks as I am planning to do them almost entirely in contrast paint (at least the gretchins and the boyz) as they should be an easy win.
    The Mechanicus are for next Saturday when we have a game scheduled for my friend who likes to play as them.
    * only assuming it doesn’t just rain all weekend.


    Cult of Games Member

    Hey up, hope there’s still a place for me here, I know I don’t get here much but the last two years have been, well, shit and I haven’t really had much inclination of much of anything really.  This is now the road to recovery but circumstances dictate that sadly, most weekends, life gets in the way. It may get in the way again this weekend but we shall see.

    1) three people I would like a fight with. This will be hard because I generally don’t give two fucks about celebrities, so don’t care enough to have reason to fight them. Right now I would happily kick shit out of Just about anyone in Parliament but that’s politics. So I guess these will suffice.

    First, my old boss. He definitely suffered small man syndrome and made everyone’s life a misery for 4 years. He was far too keen to use the stick, far too reluctant to use that carrot. I think he was in love with his own authority. I am Trade Union shop Steward for my department and I have never been as busy as when he was boss. We called him Kevin the gerbil and honestly the opportunity to chin him on behalf of everyone he fucked over would be a godsend.

    Second. The two little fucks who tried to Rob my house the other night while I was in bed. Luckily I woke up, heard them and challenged them and they scarpered before I could get my shoes on. But I would love to find them because one of them might just have an accident.

    Struggling for another one really. I am not really an angry person so finding people who I want to fight is a bit of a chore. Maybe the guy who has put in a written complaint about my girlfriend being intimidating when she was investigating him for fraud. Never met the guy but he sounds like everything that gives people with money a bad name. Cnut.

    2) I love me a bit of “me time” when I go for a sit down. I always try and go at work too, get paid for it.

    3) I think I was somewhere in the middle. There weren’t really jocks or nerds but there was definitely a pecking order and I would say I probably ended up somewhere around the middle. Being into toy soldiers didn’t really help my standing but thankfully the real world isn’t quite as unforgiving as the schoolyard.

    Pledge for the weekend is to actually get some hobby time. It’s hard at the moment, I am working really long hours at work* leaving me virtually no time to do anything Monday to Thursday. I finish work early in Fridays and I have 3 hours into which I need to cram as much of the house work in as I can before my daughter arrives. That’s basically my Saturday taken up and most of Sunday morning and then after she’s gone home on Sunday clean up the mess that toddlers leave behind. And of course there is the “Sunday Blues”, as I have come to call them, after my daughter has gone home which has a tendency to sap any and all enthusiasm and motivation. So my pledge, made before everyone here, is that by hook or by crook I am going to paint something – anything – to a state of completion. It may be a squad it might be a single character, who knows? But I will paint something.

    I may be a little bit patchy in my attendance because I have to be a responsible adult (the price of children), you definitely don’t want me to post videos of things I am listening to or watching (unless you also have a toddler that may be interested). But I will be in when I can.

    *maybe if I spent less time having a shit I wouldn’t have to…


    Cult of Games Member

    @unclejimmy is that Operation Wildfire?  I just got mine!



    A two hour meeting, but now a bit of time to kill.

    @sundancer that’s some awesome terrain and a great tabletop. Pretty lethal game, looking at before and after!

    @robert OMG, what sort of dog’s breakfast is that? There’s a lot going on there, and I can see by all the green stuff it’s been heavily modified. Can I see a pic from a different angle?

    Love the MkIV’s! Great factory finish. Was there ever a version of it that had the extra turret armour but not the schurzen? I’m a relative newb when it comes to WWII stuff.

    @unclejimmy great looking aliens. The wash really brings out the detail on them. Infinity… mmmmmmmmmm.

    @doctorether great pics. I like the context you always have for your models. It really brings out the colours in them.

    @kiranamida Welcome! Always room for one more.


    Cult of Games Member

    It was a bit messy…. and Luke died! 8)

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