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Sitrep Podcast: Historical Gaming (and Register for Upcoming Gaming Event)!

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    Sitrep Podcast is hosting a gaming event in Chicago, Illinois on the weekend of February 19-21, 2021!

    Eight tables of epic historical and kick ass modern!

    If you’re interested in joining, or are interested in learning more about the event, just e-mail to [email protected] and we’ll get your registration sorted!

    We’ll also announce everything here as the event takes shape, and also on our Facebook page and our Sitrep Discord!


    Good afternoon, Modern Military Gaming fans everywhere, and welcome to the new Sitrep Forum Thread!

    Over the past few days we’ve had some great feedback from our subscribers and followers – asking about a centralized, collaborative place where modern warfare enthusiasts can enjoy and contribute to the hobby.

    Accordingly, we are launching this new forum thread, which we hope to keep going far into the future.  Here, hobbyists and wargamers can post battle reports, link projects, post photos of their work, chat about recent military history and how it pertains to wargaming, talk about upcoming events, ask questions, offer advice, draw inspiration from others or offer encouragement, and so on.

    In short, we hope to develop this forum thread WITH YOUR HELP into a collaborative “Tactical Operations Center” for post-1945 military gaming – be it miniatures, boardgames, strategy games, or video games.  Historical, what-if, or theoretical “five minutes into the future” content is all welcome!  Hobby, battle reports, painting progress, news, documents, links, games, you name it, if it’s modern military gaming, we hope to feature it here!

    Of course, myself, @stvitusdancern , @grimwolfuk , and Chris from Walkaboutgamez will be adding plenty of our own content, but the real lifeblood of this new space will be all of you. Modern warfare hobby and gaming enthusiasts who will keep this part of the community alive for months and years to come!

    So welcome, and I can’t wait to see all of your posts, contributions, ideas, and content!

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 1 month ago by  oriskany.

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    Hello to all the OTT members who are interested in what we do with SITREP, so get the ball rolling here is the link to my little bird project so please feel free to comment and engage in the conversation around post ’45 conflict.

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    Your timing couldn’t be anymore perfect, despite meaning to get on board with modern military over the years, it’s only been this week I’ve eventually jumped on board after backing Storming the Gap on Kickstarter.

    Looking forward to good things.


    I paint loads of moderns… can I post pics here? 😃



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    Thanks very much, @grimwolfuk – for helping us get started! 😀  That Little Bird and Humvee look great!  I still can’t believe that’s your first swing with an airbrush.  😀

    Welcome, @flatbattery ! Glad you’ve joined us!   We’re going to be pushing Modern Military Gaming content here on OTT, as well as our channels on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook,and Podbean.  So we hope this will be a continually expanding ecosystem in which all types of modern gaming can find a place!

    @suetoniuspaullinus – can you POST here?  Hmm … If I was to say “no,” it would only be because your painting makes mine look terrible by comparison – and I hope you would ignore me and post anyway. 😀 😀 😀  That is amazing how you can get that four-color NATO scheme on a 28mm miniature like that.  And I love those AKMs and PKM GPMG.

    In all seriousness, folks, this certainly isn’t “my” thread.  This is the “Sitrep” thread, from the whole Sitrep team and for the modern military gaming community.  We’re hoping to make this something of a hub, much mike WAYPAN or the Hobby Weekend threads, just with a modern-era theme.  😀


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    Well, I was going to say here are a few pics to get us started, but you guys have totally kicked this off before I was ready!  😀




    love the USMC ❤️

    I got some 20s as well. Elhiem Brits for a Bravo Two Zero scenario..



    I mainly do Spectre minis these days tho..

    here something for fans of the tv show Strike Back:



    I also have a soft spot for anything Chechen War..1EF0A1E6-E31A-455D-B9BE-100C81FB2C5AF2AF207E-31B1-4F21-B0C2-92CF121AE14BB76F8450-AFFE-4D89-8E8A-DEF12BF36CDF094D39DB-61E9-4824-A313-84CBBB2567448A54C3C4-238E-4112-9EAF-D8E4F9DE4EE4


    See..?! You’ve opened Pandora’s Box!!



    I actually have changed my USMC and swapped heads as the Empress K-pots seemed a little large..


    And a US Ranger and the first two Empress Brits who started my obsession:



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    I’m not sure if this is the right thread to ask, but it is kind of related to the ‘modern warfare’ theme.

    What rule systems would work for a ‘Ghost Recon’ / Rainbow 6  type game ?
    Are there any systems that allow for ‘hostage rescue’ style missions as featured in ‘SWAT’ (another video game series that has gone the way of the dodo 🙁 ) ?

    Videogames tend to be great for such situations, because the ‘bad guy’ needs to be surprised (and lose ;-)).
    I wonder if any rules allow for this sort of stuff on the table top without having to go to RPG’s (like the Merc:2000 supplement for Twilight 2k).

    I know ‘Force on Force’ was mentioned in an article series by @oriskany however that website is pretty dead by internet standards (last blog entry almost 2 years ago … ).

    @suetoniuspaullinus : great work as always

    // —

    An interesting (and definitely politically sensitive topic) are ‘Operation Product’ and ‘Operation Kraai’ (operation Crow).

    These are black pages from our history so information appears to be non existant.

    It’s these operations that would later result in the hijacking of a train at ‘de punt’ ( )


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    I’ll get some photos of my 20mm Arab Israeli war stuff organised.





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    @limburger you can try FiveCore 

    I played it a few time a few years back. It does give you some squad vs. squad action.

    Might not be realistic – but it is Rainbow Six realistic

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