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So I am Backing the Fireforge KS but it isn't funded yet.

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    So anyone else backing the Fireforge KS out right now? Also does anyone want to share any theories about why it isn’t funded yet? (mine is that they are leading with generic fantasy human infantry in a market full of  human infantry that fit the bill, some of which look a lot like them except less uniform)

    P.S. Here is the KS link for those of who are lost.



    If A Song of Ice and Fire hadn’t just come out I’d definitely be backing to get some GoT minis.

    Probably more a case of bad timing than a bad product.



    They are very nice models but i just dont have a need for more fantasy(ish) humans or undead. I think most people that want this stuff (like you said) already have so many places to go for them. Ive not seen too much on the game behind it either which tends to drive demand more.

    They are also competing with the likes of the frostgrave sets that i think look very similar. I do hope it funds as they are very nice looking models, some of the best fireforge have shown to date but personally i just dont have a reason to get them.



    Well, the reason I am backing this is to get the peasants set unlocked, since nobody does plastic peasants besides Reaper,  and they only need 130, 000 euros to get funded (since they decided mid campaign to just do Infantry and Undead regardless of how things play out on KS and make the peasants etc, the goal of the KS), plus I am getting a free sprue of my choice at this point.

    I think if they do something different like making the game set in one multiracial nation suffering an undead outbreak/necromancer problem it might end up doing better, as it stands I am wondering why everyone except the orcs seems to have the same armor designer (I mean they probably do have the same armor designer but why do they all look like the same army? I mean look at the dwarfs lol).

    Edit: Also you don’t need to back this for any of the Forgotten world sets, or rules,  you could back at the 1 euro pledge level and add enough cash to pick up one or more of the Deus Vault sets on offer, which was the other option I played with when I was about to back since those Scandinavians look cool and fully compatible with my Forgestarter Russians (i.e. they have cool Bradich axes I want loot at some point for my rus since those axes look more Russiany to me).

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    I’m also backing this. It’s getting there slowly but surely. I am a bit surprised it hasn’t gone better though. I never thought it was going to reach the top end of the goals they had set but I thought 160k would have been hit by now. I think the lack of rules release and the absence of the creaters hasn’t helped either. I know they’re posting but if you compare their posting to something like the Battlesystem KS, there are serious differences.



    Only saw this recently, and no spare cash, although being honest it is not something I feel the need for in my collection.  Different forces maybe.

    I think also the market at present is swamped, add in being a big battle game I think its tough at present.  The fact I stumbled on it by accident rather than seeing coverage also might so they missed a beat on the advertising.

    Hope it does well though



    Had a look at the preview of the rules on the fireforge Facebook page last night. Sadly it’s a  figure removal game  with the same sort of stat lines we’ve all seen before. Maybe it’s deliberate attempt for games of old  of course but it’s not for me anymore



    Bit worried they are starting to over promise in it now to get it funded (I’ve seen other companies struggle after doing similar things). I’d be a lot more confident if they just ran with their original costings. One thing of a KS is to judge the demand for a product, and for whatever reason (be it advertising, rules etc) it looks like the demand isn’t there.

    Perhaps everyone just wants KS schemes with 60% KS exclusives to goad you into backing. But I don’t see anything wrong with the Forgotten Worlds KS in itself.

    But better the KS fail (or the creators cancel the project if it only scrapes past the funding mark), and come back again with new marketing and perhaps rules. I remember the Gates of Antares KS bombing BADLY (even with Rick Priestley, Kevin White and Bob Naismith behind the project) because it really was a KS to create something from scratch but there wasn’t a fully fleshed out playthrough video, produced rules, production minis, and even reviews on day one of the project (like we see from CMON).

    I think these days there are SO many KS schemes around that backers are starting to “shop” competitively. If there aren’t massive discounts, loads of KS exclusives and a polished marketing campaign…they just move on (no matter how good the idea, the sculpts are)…..which is a shame 🙁



    So I have 3 new Question’s:

    1: Should I warn Fireforge since I can do that as backer?

    2: what did you guys think about the peasants? (or other models for that matter).

    3: what sort rules where you hoping for?



    I’m not really interested in the figures but always on the lookout for something rulewise. As I mentioned before I don’t want figure removal but single large bases that nearly all historical non skirmish  games are these days. Makes it simpler toive the units but also cheaper as you don’t have to but the exact number of figures required.



    That is true about the basing and a lot of bigger battle game player prefer it that way, but I understand why they are going with the single base set up since they are also doing a Skirmish game where you want the minis on single bases. Maybe some sort of compromise like unite filler rules,  switch out rules, or perhaps something to make it more exciting like having  front guys removed instead. Anything else like the magic  or creatures?

    Also to who ever is reading this,  all the previous questions I asked are still on the table, if your lurking stop and comment.

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    Haven’t got much to add other than it lacks the “wow” factor for me.  I don’t need boxes of generic fantasy models for anything at tge moment and the game doesn’t do anything for me that existing established fantasy rank and flank games don’t already.

    They are nice enough models but I have such a lot of projects on the go already I’m not going to pick up another unless it twists my arm up my back and knees me in the figurative kidneys.

    As for what that elusive wow factor may be, I have no idea.  That’s for them to think up not me.

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    Honest answer – the whole project comes across pretty generic, uninspired and a few years too late. There is no sort of original angle or interesting mechanic that would make it stand out. Modelwise its nothing that screams out “must have”. The human infantry are quite good, the undead pretty poor for 2018.

    The good news is that it will most likely fund at this rate and for those who this really works for will be happy.



    I don’t care about their rules or anything else for that matter, I just want the Human Infantry. Lots of them.

    I still have hope it’s gonna fund and think it’s a good product but I agree, this KS should have come before Cmon’s.



    What’s there to say that hasn’t been said ?

    It’s lacking that bit of magic that makes it unique.
    The infantry are just a bit too generic.
    The undead have been done to death … and like the humans they lack that bit of extra detail to make them interesting. The undead dogs are kind of cool though.

    The peasants are the only mildly interesting bit, because it is a troop type that WHFB used to have before everything had to be heroic and epic.

    And can we have a fantasy game without the stereotypical standard races ?

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