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Thinking starting Nighthaunts

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    Okay so there is reason for saying “never say never” as I learned. I have finally gotten interested from AoS thanks to those Nighthaunt models looking so great so I was thinking maybe hoping into game and starting those as my army of choice or at least using them with other undead. Any advice for some one wanting to start game with them?



    Are you meaning from an army list point of view? I’m no expert on making competitive armies (my focus tends to be “pretty” 🙂 ), but a few thoughts:

    • The upcoming battle tome will have “battalions” in it, which are specific combinations of units that get bonuses – well worth a look especially if a battalion has units you like in it.
    • Finding ways to layer buffs on a unit is very powerful, and with the new changes to the rules I think people will be fielding lots of heroes, particularly wizards!
    • From a modelling point of view, they are lovely, but delicate. I’d come up with a plan for basing / storage that takes this into account sooner rather than later. Also, they have lots of interesting internal spaces which will be “fun” to get primer on.


    The Soul Wars box was a great entry point for me to start collecting the Nighthaunts, have a project all about it here

    If you already have the 2.0 rules and other support books, might not be so good. Helped that I could split the box with @ajhawes  so she could start her Stormcast.

    Also, the stagecoach model looks awesome, can’t wait for that to come out to add that to my Nighthaunt Army!



    @george Sealy Well I have never been about building armies based on what is competitive either. I usually just pick based on what I like. I did notice that those are rather delicate based on Easy Build Myrmoun Banshees that I bought just because I like way those look.

    @davehawes If I get chance to buy Soul Wars in half with some one I will because I don’t like Sigmarines at all and I only want those Nighthaunt models from it and rulebook if other person doesn’t want it. I don’t really have any support books yet and I have 2.0 rules as free pdf version.



    There seem to beplenty of ebayers already selling half boxes and parts of boxes if you are looking for one.



    Well it does look like the ‘New’ BoW site is not a patch on its old one by any means. Particularly if so little is being said about the new night haunts here. I loved the idea of this army when I saw some videos of the release. Problem is they were welded to the one army / figure range I have a real hate for. Sigmarines. Under no circumstances am I spending cash on those so I have been sitting back waiting for the seperate unit boxings for each new Night Haunt group. Annoyingly quite a number have been of my next pet hate, Easy build. I can get around that thankfully. What is proving less than helpful is the release schedule being dragged out. I hope they start putting out Chain rasps soon. It would also help to know what else is still coming. Lots of great images on release but how big is the entire range?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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