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    ### Start of shameless copy & paste ###

    Read all of this before you start as it will save any trouble later.

    First thing you must do is make your “pledge”. It can be anything gaming related, big or small, and you don’t even have to finish it. No, in here, happiness is the road. Have fun doing whatever it is, but it is not a race. Accompany your work with pictures or we might think you are do something sinister and just using us for cover.

    You are also presented with a few questions. It is to get the conversation started. Try and keep your answers ‘conversational’, no text speak, and certainly no “basically”. This is how we all get to know each other better. While you are here feel free to tell us a story, show a picture, joke, tales of love or woe, or just add your own little bit. This is the whole point…in here it is just us.

    If you have never taken part before we may bark and bite, but we also like a cuddle! It is all done in the best possible taste and it is character building. feel free to give as good as you get.

    A few other things to note: NO RELIGION & NO POLITICS! Glasgow pub rules are in effect. If you need to make a better point then it is fine, but don’t take the piss. And always keep it civil.

    Play plenty of music to go with your work. Loud and through proper speakers. Write us a playlist of things we might not have heard before.

    Now, after all of that there is only one ‘real’ rule in here and it cannot be broken: NO DICKS! (Exceptions may be made for little fighting men with little plastic/resin/metal wieners)

    And don’t forget the highlights of the weekend: The Weekender on Friday and XLBS on Sunday. And the little show that is the unofficial Hobby Hangout over at

    ### End of shameless copy & paste ###

    Questions of the week:

    • Do you still have all your fingers?
    • Are you hung over today?
    • What new years resolutions did you already break?

    and now….


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    My answers:

    • yes
    • no
    • stopped making them years ago.

    Happy fresh year 2021…. let’s not fuck this up to bad 😉


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    Happy new year everyone! This week’s pledge is to pick some models to assemble and assemble them – probably the last of my Dweghom ready for when the next milestone triggers later this month.


    1. Do you still have all your fingers? – Yes
    2. Are you hung over today? – Nope
    3. What new years resolutions did you already break? – My resolutions tend to be targets for the year rather than giving stuff up, so I can’t fail until December 31st. That said one of last year’s targets was to get my daughters to have fruit or veg with every dinner. That fell apart very quickly.


    Happy New Year, chaps!

    My pledge is to get something painted in the next few days. Having a fair bit of free time is taking a bit of getting used too, so I haven’t decided what to do next. Done a few Marine things on my project log recently, so I will probs switch it up a bit. I haven’t done any Game of Thrans recently, so maybe some of them? I also have that Panzer IV to paint along with more of the Underworlds team. Who knows what I’ll get up to… And now; questions!

    Do you still have all your fingers?

    I think so. Assuming I always had 8 fingers and two thumbs they are all still there.

    Are you hung over today?

    Surprisingly, no. I did drink 5 pints of cider last night, though.

    What new years resolutions did you already break?

    Can’t break a resolution that you didn’t make!


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    Happy New Year Cogs and all!

    This week’s pledge is to finish up painting my Imperial Assault (2 x AT-STs) and my Witch King on Fell Beast so I can call those projects done and dusted.

    The questions – yes, no and none but the year is yet young!

    Music for the weekend:




    My pledge is to get my Command Edition Primaris Marines build and paint some stuff that is already primed.

    1. Yes

    2. No

    3. I don’t make those.



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    Happy new year … let’s make 2020.1 a good one this time 😀

    1) Do you still have all your fingers?
    Yep. I’m not stupid 😉

    2) Are you hung over today?
    Nah, just sleepy because I was playing No Man’s Sky. That game has become surprisingly good after it launched.
    It’s got a proper story/quest line and you get to build a base of sorts.
    OTOH … the basic game loop is still explore / mine for resources / build stuff to explore / repeat

    3) What new years resolutions did you already break?
    it’s impossible to break resolutions if you don’t make any 😉
    I am planning to do more hobby, but that was a pre-new year resolution so it doesn’t count.


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    • Do you still have all your fingers? Yes, but they’re still disappointingly short and stubby.
    • Are you hung over today? With an allergy to alcohol, it’s been many many years since I was “hungover” (i.e. violently ill after mistakenly taking a swig of my sister’s orange + vodka one Xmas)
    • What new years resolutions did you already break? None. I kept one. I finished a project before printing any more minis for the next one!

    cyberpunk dogs


    Some music for your lugholes…



    Cult of Games Member


    I really could have one of those again some day…


    Cult of Games Member

    I’m not allergic to alcohol. I just don’t like the idea of losing control (and I’m a mean drunk) so I only drink one or two glasses tops. Give me non-alcoholic drinks and I can drink all night (if I want to).

    If we’re doing tequila songs …

    of course there’s more songs about beer :

    sorry … not sorry 😉



    I had to save up my alcohol supply for New Years. I haven’t ventured outside yet with the new lockdown where I am… I will get some more soon, though. I might need it with a second online semester of uni looming… 😛

    Have some Alestorm!



    Next member of the Shadespire team is done! That’s all my ‘regular’ chump(ette)s done now. Just the Hag and the Snek Lady to do next. Looking forward to the Snek; never painted anything thing like that before. Another hair colour choice here with brunette this time round…though it did end up a little brighter than I originally anticipated…


    As always, more angle on the project log!


    Cult of Games Member

    I did enough drinking in my twenties to last me the rest of my days so other than a wee toast at the bells, Hogmanay is a tame one for me these days. Plus having two cats who hate fireworks in a city renowned for its fireworks display at midnight…

    Didn’t get any painting done after all but did plan out the next leg of my d&d campaign and played through case two of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Baker Street Irregulars.



    Another mini done! Just picked a random Celtic woman and child that I had lying around as a freebee from somewhere (I think Warlord). More to come on an upcoming project log, but here she is anyway.


    And maybe some more music?

    Not sure what I’ll work on next…now if only I could get rid of that problematic ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ tag on my project… 😛


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