Freebooter Preview What’s Coming With Debonn Concepts

May 23, 2017 by brennon

Freebooter Miniatures are looking ahead to more characters joining their pirate crews in their wonderful Fantasy world. Here we have some of their Debonn Previews including this lass first...

Debonn Preview #1

She doesn't quite seem like the crewman you might hire to set sail on your next adventure but she's certainly different! She is joined by some more rather posh looking friends too.

Debonn Preview #2

I'm getting a bit of a Musketeer vibe from these characters and it will be awesome to see how these models come together as part of an upcoming crew. Freebooter always impresses with their designs and it's good to see them still powering on with their range.

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"I'm getting a bit of a Musketeer vibe from these characters..."

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