Thar Be Gobbo Thugs Aboard Freebooter’s Fate

July 6, 2014 by dracs

Freebooter's Fate have a couple of new greenskins who aren't that colour because of seasickness, accompanied by a new mysterious member of the deadly Brotherhood.

Goblin thug

Goblin Thug

These two Goblin Thugs lack the versatility of their fellow crew mates, but they can dish out a bit more damage should they get close enough to club you over the back of the knee.

These Goblin Thugs are useful additions to your crews, but if you want to kill some mystics then you may want to include Incantenebra of the Brotherhood.


Incantenebra Back

Incantenebra specializes in hunting down the opposition's mystics and those possessed by the Loa, making her the perfect choice for dealing with any of that pesky magic that might be getting flung about.

All three of these new releases are nice sculpts, though personally I prefer the goblins over the Brotherhood assassin. Freebooter's Fate have managed to give their gobbos a good sense of piratical character, which is very important for something that we've seen so much of.

Which of these will you add to your crew?

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