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Review: A review for those new or returning to the Warhammer World

May 25, 2018 by teddymademedoit Cult of Games Member

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Warhammer is one of the most loved and supported Tabletop games ever and has spawned and influenced so many other games around it. It is because of this the Age of Sigmar has been one of the most controversial releases... ever! But don't let that put you off, if you are a returning gamer or someone who has stuck around for years you will definitely get the most from this game by dropping all previous notions of what you knew before and embracing the game infront of you

That being said...

Age of Sigmar takes place in the splintered realms of the Warhammer world. There is the familiar Good vs Evil story running through this with the addition of some who just want to destroy (Waaaagh!). There is room for all tastes here, whether it be Nagashs armies of undead with everything from skeletons to ghouls to undead dragons! Or the armies of Sigmar with the all new Stormcast, the greatest heroes of old reborn and bound into new armour chosen by Sigmar himself. If you are new to this world there is a fantastic variety of armies including Greenskinned Orukks and Ogors who just want to Destroy and consume or Chaotic Warriors, Barbarians and Demons who want to burn it all down. If you are a returning player then you will still find alot of familiarity with choices of armies you play you fantastic new sculpts for you to enjoy.

Once you have chosen your army in Age of Sigmar you do have a simple set of core rules, notoriously condensed into 4 pages. This is a great in, it give you a chance to learn a wonderful game without having to invest time and money you may not have reading through a novel. Like most people I myself learn less for reading things and more from actually doing things and the shortened ruleset gives you more time to do just that... Get stuck In!!

Although these rules are simple the various differences in each army add the layers needed to make the game more complex and tactically fun. Each army influences the rules in its own way, be it Death who rightly have a chance ignore the automatic wound system called Mortal wounds or the Magic heavy Tzeentch who can actually play with and change the dice you are rolling. Most of the rules for these additional armies are completely free online, the purchase of a single book (known as Generals Handbook) which updates yearly at the moment is all you will need to keep track of additional game content like scenarios to add more than just line up on each side of the table and fight. You can also buy books specific books for each army to learn more about the background and gain some additional rules you can use for each.

With a starter set that spoils you with the quality of the miniatures inside or the great value Start Collecting boxes Games Workshop have offer it has also never been easier to gather your forces and start playing.

Thanks for reading,  this is the first review of any game I've done. Just wanted to give a quick overview of a game I've been enjoying recently I can absolutely recommend to anyone of all ages, veteran gamers or people completely new to the scene


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