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Review: Massive Darkness... Playing RPG DUNGEONCRAWLER without the master

September 13, 2019 by luisjoey

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Massive Darkness it´s maybe my favorite DungeonMasterLess board game out there; it´s the gaming experience of playing D&D without to prepare an adventure or bothering a DM. Just sit from 1 to 6 players and have fun DUNGEONCRAWLING for treasure and having level, gearing yourself with the new found weapons.

This game it´s based on Zombicide game mechanic but evolved in a way characters feel apart from the other, to be a cooperative game, so you play a hack and slash game with the Diablo RPG experience, You and your team take turns (sometimes could take a while to be your turn again, like in any D&D game rolling eyes) but the game experience its great and monsters cardboard IA really smell you fear scaling into level and losing in an appearing random but fun way, that gives this game a lot of replayability.

Some say this game Replayability it´s stuck on the adventures (10 scenarios and 8 from an expansion) but really having lot of characters to choose and investing in different monsters this game changes a lot and keep being fresh to be played.

Rules for this game are simple each player have 3 actions on his turn; Move/open doors, Attack and or reorganize your stuff... so you gotta equip armor, weapons and gear to match the current level and be optimate to be useful for the party, since it´s like a roleplay cooperative game. You roll your attack and defense of the monster and apply rules, you get experience by killing and raise level with the whole team purchasing new skills to make your life better and improve your character.

CMON surprises us with LOTS of plastic crack, from the base and expansion that gives you tons of orcs, goblins, evil dwarf, barbarians, ratlings, and roaming huge monsters that go from a ogre, demon and a huge spider! with a lot of rules of behaviour.

I play this game in several conventions having the most playability on scene, it covers the RPG space we cant have since time/speak (noisy conventions) and really gives you the best RPG tactical experience of D&D on the table.

I expect this game have more reinforcements one day, saddly to play with zombies (from zombicide) you gotta find and expensive expansion cards from ebay since they where an exclusive of the kickstarter, but with the monster it does have it´s a great gaming experience.

Also the game box have trails that keep then in order so i applaud CMON for such design. paint your Massive Darkness it deserves.

By all this it´s my favorite DungeonCrawler nowday and really like to have everything from it.

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Miniatures are great, but the gameplay is an overcomplicated HeroQuest. Doesn’t really stand out from any other “roll more bips than baps” dungeoncrawler in my collection.