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Review: Complete Greek mythology model collection and a great game

February 11, 2020 by danlee Cult of Games Member

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I backed this Kickstarter for two reasons: to get a complete set of Greek mythology models and to get a competitive board game. Mythic Battles: Pantheon achieves both admirably.

The models are all (bar two) single piece sculpts. They are very high quality for board game components. So much so that I would have no qualms saying that they are comparable with wargaming miniatures. I enjoyed painting them all up.

The artwork is high quality and in a realistic style. The cover arts in particular depict some very epic looking confrontations.

The game plays out in about two hours for a two player game. It does feel like setup is particularly clunky, as you first have to get recruitment cards out to draft forces, then get your decks ready, models out, dashboards setup and board and scenery laid out. The game itself is very tactical and in my experience games are very close. When one player appears to have guaranteed a win their opponent always has a chance to make a come back.

The sheer quantity of models makes draft play almost infinitely repayable. There are also a lot of scenarios to play through - though I must admit to not having played any yet so I can't comment on their quality.

My only criticism of the game is that I find the rule book very hard to navigate. The rules aren't difficult to pickup, but when I want to refer to the rule book to remind myself of a detail it always seems to take a long time to find it.

Overall I would recommend Mythic Battles: Pantheon if you want a nice collection of Greek mythology models or if you are looking for a competitive combat game with a lot of variety.

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