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Across the Dead Earth


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Dead Earth’s Orphan 9 Assassin Coming To Kickstarter Today


Launching this evening at 6pm BST you'll be able to get stuck into a small Kickstarter for the Orphan 9 Assassin for Dead Earth Games and Across The Dead Earth.

Customise Your Gang With New Across The Dead Earth Supplement


Across The Dead Earth has a new supplement to download, free of charge, which expands upon the customisation of your gangs in this post-apocalyptic world. You can get Origins from their webstore...

Across The Dead Earth Gets Two New Survivors


The mercenary sisters Aysha and Nisha are the latest two survivors to make it into the world of Across The Dead Earth by Dead Earth Games. Complete with shotgun and assault rifle they are inseparable on the tabletop.

Recreating Those Mad Max Vehicles? Try Them In LEGO & More!


Want to rebuild those awesome vehicles from Mad Max: Fury Road? How about checking out this work one man has done with LEGO and then see what else we suggest for giving it a go!

The Engineers Scout Ahead In Across The Dead Earth


Lock n' load and head out into the wasteland with the Engineer Forward Expedition Squad. I wouldn't want to come up against these well armed warriors in the post-apocalypse...

Dead Earth Games Present The Rough Guide Issue One!


Learn more about the post-apocalypse with the launch of The Rough Guide from Dead Earth Games giving you information on the world, scenarios to play out, and a sneak peek at what's coming in the future!

Dead Earth Games Unleashes the Sisterhood


Dead Earth Games brings us another faction for their game, Across the Dead Earth. This time we find us in the midst of some pretty tough women.

Post Apocalyptic Across The Dead Earth Is Now Available!


See what you think of the starting warbands and rulebook for Across the Dead Earth which is out now for pre-order!

Dead Earth Starter Set Pre-Orders Begin With BoW Discount!


If you want to get into the world of Across the Dead Earth then now is the time. The pre-orders are up AND they have a discount for you Beasts of War users!

Across The Dead Earth Living Rulebook Now Available!


See what you think of the Living Rulebook now becoming available for Across the Dead Earth! Want to do some post apocalyptic survival?

Dead Earth Games Get Sculpting Post-Apoc Survivors


See what you think of some of the sculpts coming out of Dead Earth Games in the wake of their successful Post-Apocalyptic Kickstarter.

Across The Dead Earth Hear Tales Of The Sisters Of Acquisition


Check out the next stretch goal warband for Across the Dead Earth and a new bar that's been added to their add-ons!

Join The State Or Pay In Across The Dead Earth Kickstarter


Will you be joining The State when you play your games of Across the Dead Earth? If you like the look of them then you better help them get to their next stretch goal!

A New Survivor Scouts Into Across The Dead Earth


Scout ahead of the family with the arty addition of Skylar to Across the Dead Earth.

Dead Earth Games Kick Things Off On Kickstarter


It's time for a bit more Post-Apocalyptic fun with Across the Dead Earth which has just arrived on Kickstarter.

Fat Boy Goes Raiding In Post Apocalyptic Dead Earth


The folks from Dead Earth Games have put together another sculpt for the Across the Dead Earth miniatures game that is coming soon.

Gang Together In Post-Apocalyptic Across The Dead Earth


What do you make of these preview sculpts for a post-apocalyptic game coming to Kickstarter in March, Across the Dead Earth.

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