Dead Earth Games Kick Things Off On Kickstarter

March 1, 2014 by brennon

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Dead Earth Games has released their Kickstarter onto the internet for their Post-Apocalyptic Across the Dead Earth where you will be taking control of gangs as they fight for survival against each other and a harsh environment.

Adam's Family

The Red Claw


Above are some of the miniatures and their gangs so far and it's good to see a project coming to the fore with a few bits and pieces to show off before things even began. I like most of their designs and while the idea of a Post-Apocalyptic world isn't anything new these guys have got some good feedback on their game already. I suggest going to give it a read.

State Troopers

These are the guys I am focused on seeing when they begin to hit their stretch goals. The State Troopers are looking awesome and remind me of Army of Two on Post-Apocalyptic steroids. I hope they manage to hit this one!

Are you ready for some more wasteland fever?

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