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Retro Recall: Man O’ War


Sam looks at an absolute classic from the team at Games Workshop of days yore. Did you get to play Man O' War?

Hobby Hangout Featuring Big Ben From 4Ground [Catch Up Now!]


Oh no, OH NO! *Distant Screaming*

Community Spotlight: Fantastical Ships, A Classic Falcon & Cadia Stands!


Join us for another weekly dive into Community Spotlight where we're going to be giving out some golden buttons to some amazing hobbyists!

Check Out Golden Demon Past & Present With New Website


Games Workshop have now created a website that will be collecting and showcasing all of the wonderful entries for Golden Demon.

Games Day 2013 Picture Gallery!


Check out some of the images from Games Day 2013. With both this AND Facebook we have a mass of snaps from the event so see what you think!

Fantasy Flight Launch Dreadfleet Spin-Off?


Will you set to the high seas with this latest Print-on-Demand Dreadfleet expansion from Fantasy Flight?

Dread Fleet from Worthy Painting


Check out the Dread Fleet the guys from Worthy Painting have painted... great stuff!

Warren & Sam Take a look at Dread Fleet… Part 2


Here's the second part of the video where Warren and Sam discuss some dubious broadsides!

Warren & Sam take a look at Dread Fleet… Part 1


Warrren & Sam take a proper look at the contents of the Dread Fleet box... what will they think about it now that the effects of the box smell have worn off?

Games Workshop’s Dreadfleet Unboxed


We just got our copies of Dreadfleet today and couldn’t wait to get it under our cameras. So we ran into the studio and made a Backstage unboxing but we are putting it out public for a few hours for all too see before putting it under lock and key. There will be another full unboxing coming soon free for all to watch.

Games Day UK 2011 Round-up


So Games Day is over for another year. Here is a quick run down of what was on offer on the day with my likes and dislikes. Have a read, view some of the pictures from the day then comment below with your personal thoughts on the massive event.

Games Day 2011… Phil Kelly chats about Dreadfleet


Phil Kelly is at Games Day today giving people a hands on look at Dreadfleet with loads of demo games.

Games Day UK 2011 Coverage


We will be getting down into the Games Workshop masses and live tweeting from the event this Sunday! If you can't be there make sure to check out our twitter feed at Beasts of War Live this weekend. If you are attending, don't forget to say hi!

Dreadfleet Launches God Bless all who sail in her!


So the wait is over, and GW have Just announced DREADFLEET a... wait for it... pirate game?!?! Ok to be fair its not really such a surprise but sometimes it's nice to fein surprise especially at 12:45pm.

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