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Escape: Fighting for Freedom


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The Plastic Minis for the Eden Board Game Escape Taban


You might remember that Taban Miniatures recently ran a Kickstarter to fun a new Eden based board game called Escape. Now we finally get to see some of the actual plastic models which will be appearing in the game.

In Escape Who Ya Gunna Call?


Well I was checking out the Escape Kickstarter after the appearance of the Puppet Master and a piece of concept art for a future stretch goal caught my beady little eye. When facing drones who are ya gunna call?

Taban Pull the Strings of Their New Puppet Master for Escape


There are only four days left for the Kickstarter which Taban Miniatures set up to fund their board game Escape and with us nearing the end we get to see one of the coolest miniatures from the world of Eden ever! The Puppet Master.

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