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Ninja All-Stars


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3 Colours Up: Ninja All-Stars Chibi Chunin [Part Two]


Romain is back with the final chapter in the chromatisation of the chibi chunin ninja mini from Ninja All-Stars by Ninja Division.

3 Colours Up: Ninja All-Stars Chibi Chunin [Part One]


Today Romain gets cartoony with a chibi ninja mini from Ninja All-Stars by Ninja Division.

Pick Up New Expansions & Adventures For Super Dungeon Explore


Growing their delightful chibi world on the tabletop, Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division has been showing off some of the new releases from this month over on their webstore.

Jorogumo Ronin For Ninja All Stars Awaits The VIG’s At Adepticon


The VIG ninjas at Adepticon will be getting something extra from the Ninja Division stand this weekend. Stop by stand #58 with your VIG coupon for a free Jorogumo Ronin mini for Ninja All Stars.

More Skilled Warriors Join The Clans Of Ninja All-Stars


Some additional characters have joined the fighting for honour and glory as part of Ninja All-Stars.

Kitsune Hero Uzumaki Leaves The Forests Of Ninja All Stars


The Kitsune clan recently joined Ninja Division's game of shinobi stealth Ninja All-Stars. Soon a hero of the clan will also be leaving their spirit filled forest; the brash young Uzumaki. Believe it!

New Clans & Characters Strike From The Shadows In Ninja All-Stars


Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures have shown off the new releases for Ninja All-Stars which include two new clan boxes and some characters too. Let's kick off with the clans...

New Heroes & Critters Arrive For Relic Knights & Ninja All-Stars


Ninja Division & Soda Pop Miniatures have some excellent new additions to the Relic Knights and Ninja All-Stars range popping up on their webstore this month.

Are You Ninja Enough? Ninja All-Stars Reviewed


Ninja All-Stars is the newest game from Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures. Can you hide in the shadows and defeat your enemy for the favour of the Moon Princess?

Ninja Division’s Ninja All-Stars Is On Its Way And We Get An Early Present


Ninja Division Kickstarter Ninja All-Stars is starting to ship to backers. While we wait for its arrival they give us a special treat.

Ninja All-Stars Hits Final Few Hours On Kickstarter!


Ninja All-Stars from Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division is coming to the end of its Kickstarter journey and they're powering on towards the $500,000 mark with just under ten hours left on the project...

Q&A Time With Ninja All-Stars – Find Out More About Gameplay!


We have another chat with the folks at Ninja Division about Ninja All-Stars as it heads towards it's final week on Kickstarter. Don't forget to help with the Public Beta Rules Test AND watch the Gameplay video within...

New Mega Ninja All-Stars Stretch Goals & Public Beta Tests Available


See what's in store for you if you help back the Ninja All-Stars Kickstarter as they power on towards more stretch goals. As well as that you can give them a hand testing out the rules with a Public Beta.

Learn Ninja All-Stars With New Gameplay Videos


Ninja All-Stars is continuing its success on Kickstarter, but now Ninja Division have published a series of gameplay videos to give you a taste of the game.

Ninja All-Stars Attacks From The Shadows & Launches On Kickstarter


Delve into the world of Ninjas and mystical demons with Ninja All-Stars on Kickstarter right now from both Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division. If you like chibi-style miniatures this is the place for you!

Ninja All-Stars Bursts From the Shadows in This Teaser Trailer


Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures have released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming game of chibi fantasy ninjas, Ninja All-Stars.

More Heroes & Mystics Sign Up For Soda Pop’s Ninja All Stars


Some more of the Ninja are shaping up well for the clans as Ninja Division show off another heroic leader and a mystical sage that will be making sure you're all kept alive and well!

Another Mighty Leader Joins Clan Ika for Ninja All-Stars


Another mighty hero pops up for Ninja All-Stars and Clan Ika. What do you make of the miniatures that we're seeing for this game?

Exclusive! Check Out The Heroes & Info On All Things Ninja All-Stars!


We got to chat to John Cadice, one of the minds behind Ninja All-Stars from Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures to ask him about the game, the miniatures, the upcoming Kickstarter and show off some of the previously unseen Heroes!

The Kunoichi Scout Ahead in Ninja All-Stars


Another type of ninja is joining the clans of Ninja All-Stars, the specialised female fighters known as the Kunoichi.

The Yajiri Appear to Provide Ranged Support in Ninja All-Stars


Following up on the previews for Ninja All-Stars that we saw yesterday, Ninja Division have another update to share with us as they reveal the ranged support of the Ika clan.

New Ninja All Stars Minis Sneak Out of Ninja Division’s Shadows


Ninja Division have got some new previews for Ninja All-Stars, their game of chibi ninja action in the fantasy world of Kagejima.

Learn More About The Lethal Clans Of Ninja All-Stars!


Learn more about the different All-Star Clans that are coming your way from Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures soon. I think this could well be one to watch!

New Ninja All-Stars Game Coming From Ninja Division & Soda Pop!


See what you think of a new chibi-style game coming out of Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures called Ninja All-Stars!

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