New Clans & Characters Strike From The Shadows In Ninja All-Stars

September 3, 2016 by brennon

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Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures have shown off the new releases for Ninja All-Stars which include two new clan boxes and some characters too. Let's kick off with the clans...

Clan Ijin

"Clan Ijin value strength above all else.  Composed of leaders who won their positions in hard fought battles of martial prowess, all in Clan Ijin are intense, fierce, and even a bit intolerable of others. This reputation precedes them, as many clans refuse to to travel to their lands out of fear of attack or imprisonment.

While the Ijin can be cruel and rancorous, outsiders that can match their mettle with the might of their clan earn the respect of all and are granted the privilege to treat and trade with the clan."

Clan Kitsune

"Clan Kitsune are the mercurial mystics and and expert herbalists of the hallowed spirit trees of Kagejima. With access to an abundance of herbs and fungi found nowhere else in the world, they create and trade their remedies and poisons for the wares of other clans.

Yet, in their cunning, they are keen to keep the most potent and arcane of their creations for themselves. Due to their whimsical and often wayward nature, many of the more stoic clans view the Kitsune as unreliable rogues, but their friends simply see them as wise tricksters."

Both of these make for some very awesome sets and they have a nice theme to them. The massive Oni that you get in the Inji set are fantastic but I actually have a soft spot for the fox creatures in the Kitsune set...they might even be cooler!

Characterful Support

Additionally they have some extra characters for you to drop into the mix too. Firstly we have the Arashikage...


"The silent and masked Arashikage has walked Kagejima for seven years on a quest for vengeance. Ever since he witnessed one of his peers apparently murder his Tora master, he has longed to hunt down the killer.

For the right price, Arashikage will use his mastery of Fire and Water to help your team in the Moonlight Tournament, but only so long as he feels it brings him closer to his goal of revenge."

Next up we have the decidedly more hefty looking Yokozuna who seems like he'd be quite hard to shift in a contest of strength.


"Yokozuna takes great pleasure in his work at the employ of Shojo, a woman notorious for treating work like a party. Cheerful, kind, and incredibly strong, he has risen to a position of leadership amongst Shojo’s dock workers.

The Moonlight Tournament, however, is a nice break from the tasks that typically occupy his days on the dock. Those jovial by nature, he is no fool. He is always on the lookout, ready to be in the right place at the right time to stop trouble in Kagejima."

Last but not least have a monstrous little creature in the form of the Kappa.


"The Kappa are wild, dangerous kami who inhabit Kagejima’s lakes, rivers, and swamps. Wily and withdrawn by nature, they can be found overturning boats and drowning unwary children.

Despite this, several clans have successfully coaxed these exceptionally strong and stealthy creatures into performing services…often with the sacrifice of food, livestock, or even the village elder’s firstborn child."

Do you think that you could find it within yourself to hire these into your service for that additional level of creepiness in your stealthy Ninja games?

What do you think of these new offerings?

"I actually have a soft spot for the fox creatures in the Kitsune set...they might even be cooler!"

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