New Ninja All Stars Minis Sneak Out of Ninja Division’s Shadows

February 16, 2015 by dracs

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Ninja Division have got some new previews for Ninja All-Stars, their game of chibi ninja action in the fantasy world of Kagejima. Kicking off we get to see the new models for the Kaiken of two of the ninja factions.

Tora Kaiken

Ika Kaiken

The Kaiken are the backbone of the ninja clans, having undergone intensive training to become masters of the ninja art of sword and stealth. The Kaiken grow more powerful with experience, until they too can take on ninja heroes by tapping into the elemental magic of the land.

As well as these two Kaiken, each of which reflects the nature of its respective faction, Ninja Division have also provided a new faction profile for Clan Ijin.

Clan Ijin

Dwelling in the crescent shaped great gulf of skulls, Clan Ijin live in the stony depths of dark caverns. They respect only one thing: strength. These hardy folk respect only martial prowess, with the exception of the Void Witches, who serve as advisers and lend the clan their supernatural powers.

All these previews look fantastic. The chibi designs are dripping with Soda Pop's quirky visual style, while the background captures the imagination of anyone who has ever seen an anime ninja. The previews definitely have me interested to see what Ninja Division will come out with next for this game.

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"The Kaiken are the backbone of the ninja clans... training to become masters of the ninja art of sword and stealth."

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"Clan Ijin respect only one thing: strength."

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