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Space Crusade



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Prodos Games Release Snarling Anubis Warriors For Space Crusaders


Check out the bestial new Anubis Warriors from Space Crusaders by Prodos Games fit for any wild Sci-Fi army...

Weekender: Prodos Revolutionising Mini Casts & New Firestorm Taskforce


Prodos Expand On The Space Crusade World With Demons & More


Prodos Games have added some more heroes and villains to their world of Space Crusaders which may take your fancy. You can see the new models below within come in all shapes and sizes.

Prodos Announces PG13 Resculpts For Space Crusade


Prodos Games has announced that they will be making a PG13 version of their recently released, Space Crusade. This is in response to the vocal community expressing concern about the mature content of the sculpts in the game. The original version will continue to be available, but this new version will contain resculpts for a younger audience.

Prodos Reveal New Warzone & Space Crusade Miniatures


Prodos have shown off a new range of products for Space Crusade as well as additional models for use in Warzone: Resurrection too..

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