Weekender: Prodos Revolutionising Mini Casts & New Firestorm Taskforce

April 2, 2016 by dignity

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Competition Prize

We've got a great prize for you this week thanks to Prodos Games giving you an array of Warzone: Resurrection and Space Crusader miniatures for your collection.

You can win the Strathgordon Varg Riders, Martian Banshee Line Breakers, and Mercurian Maculators from Warzone as well as Lamia, Calypso, Nyx and Themis (all PG13) from Space Crusade.

Comment here, on Youtube or on Facebook to be in with a chance of winning.

Contact Us Here To Claim Your Prize

Don't forget to get in contact if you were the winner of last week's prize!

Website Updates

We've had some crazy things happening on the website this week...

....not bad right!?


What's in the news this week?

...prepare for more news and chatter in XLBS on Sunday.

Spartan Games' Firestorm Taskforce

Lloyd sits down with Neil Fawcett of Spartan Games to talk about this new version of Firestorm called Taskforce where you get to scale down your games and fight out smaller skirmishes.

American War of Independence Series Starting Soon

Oriskany and Chrisg from the community have been working on a fantastic new article series exploring the history and gaming potential of the War of Independence.

We got a chat with Oriskany to see where this series is going and find out what's in store.

Prodos Games Interviewed

Prodos Games were also in the studio this week and we've got a sit down chat with Jarek about the future of Warzone, the development of Alien Vs Predator (AvP) and also a discussion on the Space Crusade line.

IndieGoGo Time

Last but not least we thought we'd direct you to a cool IndieGoGo from Kontraros Collectibles for their 54mm Mummy Queen. See what you think.

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Have a great day!

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