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Westfalia Miniatures Bring The Rakshasa King To IndieGoGo


Westfalia Miniatures is now on IndieGoGo looking to fund the creation of an amazing model by Boris Woloszyn.

Tiny Furniture Create Market Square Citizens Of The Medieval Era


Tiny Furniture is on IndieGoGo right now with their campaign to bring a range of Medieval Citizens to the tabletop for your Historical and Fantasy games. 

Weekender: Team Yankee History Lesson & Replacing Rulebooks With Dized


We're back to bring you more awesomeness from the world of tabletop gaming this weekend with our little show known as The Weekender!

Dized Hits IndieGoGo To Make Learning Board Games Easy


Dized are now on IndieGoGo looking to make learning your board games easy!

Q&A Time! Nuclear Shrimp Dive Into The World Of Black Earth


We talk with Nuclear Shrimp Games to find out more about the background of their Black Earth Sci-Fi Wargame on IndieGoGo right now.

Bringing Fantasy Into Our World With The Trollkins Fundraiser


Sergio Alonso Leon is on IndieGoGo right now looking to bring to life a range of Trolls for the world of Trollkins.

Head To Exotic Locations With Sally 4th’s New Terrain On IndieGoGo


Sally 4th are on IndieGoGo with some new terrain for creating Historical and Pulp tabletops that would make a great basis for your adventures. See what you think of their Exotic Locations.

WIN Conan! WIN a Dungeon! Mythic Battles: Pantheon & Red October


Join us for a special weekend focusing in on Mythic Battles: Pantheon! However, we've plenty more for you too and a packed show beckons!

Printable Scenery Is Going On A Rampage On Indiegogo


Printable Scenery is 3D printable terrain company had a new campaign on Indiegogo to add some new terrain to your next dungeon adventure.

Weekender: Hawk Talks Dropfleet & Iron Maiden Unleashed!


It's time to get talking with Battlefront about Team Yankee and Hawk on Dropfleet!

The Hunt For Red October Now On Indiegogo From River Horse


The game The Hunt for Red October from River Horse is now live on Indiegogo.

Tercio Creativo Relaunching Xtraidos IndieGoGo Soon


There were a couple of teething problems with the first Xtraidos IndieGoGo Campaign by Tercio Creativo but they are planning to bring it back shortly where you could pick up models like these.

Lost Kingdom Show Off Their Snarling Magmhorin Berserker


Lost Kingdom Miniatures are closing in on their final few days on IndieGoGo and with that they've previewed this awesome Magmhorin Berserker for their range.

Lost Kingdom’s Magmhorin Chaos Dwarves Hit IndieGoGo


We take a look at the new Lost Kingdom Miniatures IndieGoGo campaign funding their Magmhorin Chaos Dwarves and get a chat with their creator and sculptor!

New Afterglow Faction, The Forsaken, Now On IndieGoGo


White Tree Miniatures are now on IndieGoGo looking to fund their new faction for Afterglow called The Forsaken.

Weekender: Prodos Revolutionising Mini Casts & New Firestorm Taskforce


Kontraros Collectibles Raise A Mummy Queen On IndieGoGo


Kontraros Collectibles are on IndieGoGo, continuing our undead theme for this evening, with a plan to bring a Mummy Queen miniature to life for you hobbyists and painters out there. See what you think...

Help Fund Annamaria & Poppy – Miniatures For Life


Sculptor Francesco Pizzo has taken to IndieGoGo to look for some funding to make some models which will eventually help the lives of two little girls who have been struck with hard times and illness. See what you think of Annamaria & Poppy...

Get Behind Feldmaster’s New Carry Case On IndieGoGo


Feldmaster have taken to IndieGoGo with their new campaign to fund a Carry Case which does things a little differently. If you wanted to effectively see the race car of carry cases this would be it...

Hungry Troll Brings Their Plague Fields Fantasy Bowl Team To Indiegogo


Looking for a little variety for your fantasy team? Hungry Troll may have just the thing with their latest project on Indiegogo, the Plague Fields, Best Plague Fantasy Bowl Team.

The 28mm Rock Army Comes Forth On IndieGoGo


If you came here expecting to see an awesome army of rock gods then you were mistaken. This is instead a campaign on IndieGoGo to give you a literal Rock Army for use on the battlefield as a Fantasy army...

Txarli Bring Fantasy Football Spartans To Life On IndieGoGo


How epic would your team look, taking the field as the Spartans? Now you can find out with the Spartan Team Fantasy Football project by Txarli Miniatures on IndieGoGo.

Figone Smell The Blood Of Englishmen With Their Mighty Moloch


Figone are on IndieGoGo right now looking to fund the creation of their biggest 54mm model yet. The subject of this particular fundraiser is Moloch The Mountain Giant who stands at a whopping 170mm tall...

Caesar’s Army Comes Marching In 15mm From Baueda


Baueda Wargames has gone to Indiegogo to help fund an amazing 15mm Roman Army.

Another World On IndieGoGo Champions New Heroes


Another World are back on IndieGoGo with another campaign that is coming to an end soon. It focuses on three new models for the range which you can see below as well as a neat extra model too.

Weekender: Age Of Sigmar Hits & Amazing Terrain


Welcome to The Weekender! We've got some cracking stuff for you today including a look at some brilliant terrain.

RN Estudio Shows Off The Pulpy 3D Design For Ms. Junker Gear


Take a look at the pulpy bombshell under construction from RN Estudio! Junker Gear is a stunning gunner for the successful Indiegogo campaign, Punkapocolyptic.

The German Troops In Kharkov 1943 Project Is Live On Indiegogo


Heer46 has a nice, new line of 28mm 1940's German miniatures on Indiegogo right now. Their Kharkov 1943 project offers backers the ability to tailor their choices for sets to field the types of troops that they'd like.

The Sisters Of Serens Needs Your Help On IndieGoGo


There is a small project on Indiegogo going on right now that could use your help, take a look at these tough Heroines and Henchwomen.

Basics Of Kickstarter Part Three: What To Consider When Pledging?


Community member maledrakh takes us through the final pitfalls and ways to protect yourself when considering whether or not you want to back a fundraiser online...

Gritty 28mm Sci-Fi Terrain On Indiegogo In Iron Battlefield


EnCobertura has a really slick Sci Fi terrain project out on Indiegogo with Iron Battlefield. Iron Battlefield offers really awesome, customizable terrain to play both indoor and outdoor in your games.

Basics Of Kickstarter Part Two: Joys Of Backing & What Kickstarter Is Not


Community member maledrakh takes us through more helpful information for those people wanting to know about the basics of Kickstarter. This time he talks about what Kickstater is NOT.

Bad Roll Games Set You On The Path Towards Punkapocalyptic Stretch Goals


See what the path of stretch goals is like for Punkapocalyptic which is currently up on IndieGoGo from Bad Roll Games.

Aradia Miniatures Green Knight Project Finds Krampus & Mawhi Too


See what it's like to face two NEW fantastical creatures as part of the amazing IndieGoGo campaign from Aradia Miniatures for The Green Knight.

Make Aradia Miniatures’ Green Knight Project A Reality!


Ride out of myth and legend with the utterly fantastic Green Knight project from Aradia Miniatures showing off a stunning piece for painters and collectors.

Basics Of Kickstarter Part One: What Is A Kickstarter & How Does It Work?


Community member Maledrakh takes us through the first in a series of articles where he explores just what Kickstarter is and what you need to know when you start pledging on one! We start with the basics...

Rock Out In Punkapocalyptic Currently On IndieGoGo!


Head off into the wasteland with a new skirmish game from Bad Roll Games which pits gangs against each other in the vast wasteland of Punkapocalyptic

Whether Above Or Below, Manorhouse Delivers Some Fantastic Terrain


Take your gaming to the next level with the Modular Underground Terrain Project from Manorhouse Workshop. Now the terrain that lies beneath your gaming table can be explored too- tunnels, chambers, and even dungeons!

Skulls Minis Turn Goblins Into Awesomely Charming Superheroes!


See how these superhero Goblins are turning out from Skulls Minis! The IndieGoGo Campaign is well worth supporting if you want to pick up some characterful and creative looking sculpts.

Gregster’s Lab Power On With Casting 6mm Sci-Fi Buildings


See how the 6mm terrain is stacking up from Gregster's Lab as they continue to work on the casting process and release lots more.

More Great 28mm Fantasy Miniatures From Dragon Bait


Dragon Bait Miniatures has their second crowdfunding project out on Indiegogo now for their 28mm Fantasy miniatures. Would you like to add some new friends or foes to your game?

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