Lost Kingdom’s Magmhorin Chaos Dwarves Hit IndieGoGo

August 1, 2016 by brennon

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Lost Kingdom Miniatures are now on the IndieGoGo fundraising platform looking for backing to get their Magmhorin range off the ground. If you like Chaos Dwarves then you're probably going to enjoy checking out these models.

Magmhorin Realm

The main focus of this campaign is to bring forth a new army for you to use on the tabletop. Chaos Dwarves have always had a special place in the hearts of many Fantasy fans so we could see these being very popular. Some of the units up for grabs include the Elite Guard which come with both a Command element and a core fighting force.

Elite Guard Command

Elite Guard

For a range option they also have the Death Guard who are walking into battle with massive Crossbows and Guns that look like they are going to be as brutal in combat as they are at range.

Death Guard Command

Death Guard

Monstrous creatures and other characters are going to be leading the way too. Overall this feels like a nice elite and quite complete army for yuo to use on the tabletop.

Magmhorin Sorcerer

You can see some examples of the printed models below, all of which will be coming to you in resin form. Some of the models are just too big for metal!

Q&A Time!

We actually got to have a quick chat with Adrian, the man behind this army of snarling Dwarves. See what he had to say about his range and sculpting digitally.

BoW: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how Lost Kingdom Miniatures got started?

Adrian: My name is Adrian, I’m twenty five years old and I’m a Spanish fine arts student from Valencia, Spain. Lost Kingdom Miniatures started as a final degree project at my university.


When I discovered my passion and expertise with 3D designing, I immediately thought about my old time passion, miniatures, and the next step came as fast as two plus two. It is like a dream come true! At this point I am the Mr. do-it-all and its exhausting but I am so passionate and I am looking forward to launching the crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo.

What made you want to start sculpting up the Magmhorin?

The Chaos Dwarves are a really interesting faction. They represent a very important part of the old (and forgotten by a lot of brands) armies. I simply love them, and so do a lot of gamers.

Magmhorin Dainn Longbeard

For me, they needed a second round with some fresh designs, but while keeping in mind their essence and what they represent; evil, intelligence, discipline, and many scars hahaha!

Where did you draw your influence from when sculpting this range?

I've tried to get inspiration from the Persian/Mesopotamian culture, and a little bit from samurai poses and style.

Magmhorin Dwarves

Magmhorin Dwarf Options

I've tried to keep the essence of the old Chaos Dwarves, but while trying to make it more serious and real.

How many models are going to be available when the IndieGoGo launches?

The ones on the Facebook page and some other surprises!

Magmhorin Bull Centaurs

This means heroes, foot troops with melee and ranged options as well as monstrous creatures too.

One thing we ask sculptors now is whether or not you prefer sculpting digitally or by hand - do you see a difference between the two?

Personally I prefer digital sculpting because it allows you to achieve a higher level of detail, and you only need to deal with a graphic tablet and a pen.

Elite Skar-uhl

It allows you to escape from the fight with the sculpting materials… it is more effective but with the disadvantage of having the extra cost of the 3D printing aspect at the end.

Which was your favourite model to sculpt and/or paint from the range so far?

Well, the centaurs have been extremely successful, but my favourite miniature is the furious Berserker with an axe in each hand, which has been already unlocked by the way.

Magmhorin Berserker

I sculpted him in one morning and I was looking at him thinking 'they are going to love it!'

What are your plans for future armies in the Lost Kingdom range?

The truth it is that I would like to do a survey and see which is the next army to receive the "Lost Kingdom" touch. I wouldn’t like to focus on the typical.

Would/Are you considering making a set of rules for your models?

If the crowdfunding campaign is a success the idea is that my models serve for the 9th Age Rules Set.

Magmhorin Dwarf Painted

Anyway, my miniatures can be used in a wide variety of games using the different weapons freebies available on the campaign.#

Thanks Adrian - good luck with the campaign!

So, what do you think of their range? Could you see yourself picking up their models for the 9th Age and beyond?

Drop your comments below...

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