New Afterglow Faction, The Forsaken, Now On IndieGoGo

July 20, 2016 by brennon

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White Tree Miniatures are now on IndieGoGo looking to fund their new faction for Afterglow called The Forsaken. If you like the idea of post-apocalyptic themes mixed in with Fantasy then you're going to love this...

Forsaken Starter Set

Before we get into more about the game we should look at the Forsaken themselves. Here you can see what's in the Starter Set where you get a Boss, Ghoul and three Mutant Thugs for a bit of additional support. All of the models look great and would be fine for getting you started in the game.

You can also pledge a little more and get your hands on the Infected Devourer. Other options are also available including terrain, extra miniatures for the other factions and more.

Infected Devourer

"Forsaken are rejects of post-apocalyptic societies. Their ranks include outlaws, mutants, cannibals and those infected with the Black Mouth disease."

But now onto the game itself!

What Is Afterglow?

Well let's see what the guys at White Tree have to say...

Afterglow Miniatures #1

"Afterglow is different from many other wargames. First of all, it is a game of survival. Victory is not always on the side of those who deal the biggest damage to the opponent.

Scenarios and Mission Cards provide an opportunity to win the game without firing a single shot, relying on the player's intelligence, strategic planning skills, anticipation of opponent's moves and clever use of unit skills and abilities."

It sounds like a very fun game filled with strange and odd factions. Games only take around forty to ninety minutes to play and you could play with as little as four models on the table or as many as twenty.

Afterglow Miniatures #2

Additionally you will also be able to get stuck into a campaign style mode of play where you evolve your gang over time and see them grow along with your stories. The game has become very popular in Poland which is good to see!

Here are some of the other factions from the game...

Factions Of Afterglow

As you can see there they did include the standard Wastelanders and the like but they also include Forge Towns run by Dwarves and some strange mix of technology and flesh that is the Constructs.

It's worth taking a deeper look at their world HERE.

What do you think of this game?

"Forsaken are rejects of post-apocalyptic societies. Their ranks include outlaws, mutants, cannibals and those infected with the Black Mouth disease..."

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