The 28mm Rock Army Comes Forth On IndieGoGo

November 25, 2015 by brennon

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If you came here expecting to see an awesome army of rock gods then you were mistaken. This is instead a campaign on IndieGoGo to give you a literal Rock Army for use on the battlefield as a Fantasy army...

Rock Army (Leader)

Above we have one of the character Rocks from the army and below you can see the rank and file which will be standing strong against the enemy. Now, while this might sound like an utterly stupid idea (just go and pick rocks out of the garden?) I think the sculpts are actually rather awesome.

Rock Army #1

Rock Army #2

Who knew that you could get so much character out of big rocks? I genuinely think that if you took these models and painted them up with some runic symbols and red eyes you could include them in skirmish games as terrain that has some kind of boon or bust for your warriors.

This might be a bit of a jokey story but it's worth considering this kind of idea at least for your games. They have Rock Cavalry on the way though so that might sway you!

What do you think?

"They have Rock Cavalry on the way though so that might sway you!"

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