Make Aradia Miniatures’ Green Knight Project A Reality!

May 7, 2015 by brennon

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Aradia Miniatures have a fantastic project up on IndieGoGo looking to fund the production of The Green Knight in 75mm inspired by the character from Arthurian Legend...

Knight (Front)

Ride Out Of Legend

The Green Knight is a project with sculptor Benoit Cauchies and hopes to bring this bearded warrior to life for a great many people. As you can see it is a fantastic model packed with detail and it's awesome to see how much you can do with green!

Knight (Side #1)

Knight (Side #2)

The final product will come to you in high quality resin, the components of which you can see below...

Knight (Components)

It all looks like it goes together quite nicely as a kit too which is a big bonus. No time wasted fiddling around with awkward components. I particularly like that they've made the Knight himself quite an aged man and that the horse has motifs of the Green Man all across its armour.

Other Legends...

It's not just the Green Knight that could be part of this campaign however as Aradia have plans to sculpt up both Krampus and and Mawhi too if they reach a high enough total on the project.



If the quality of these sculpts is anywhere near the quality of the Green Knight we've seen above then I reckon we're in for one hell of a treat when it comes to this project. Painters are going to have a lot of interesting new techniques to learn!

What do you think of the miniature?

"'s awesome to see how much you can do with green!"

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