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FREE Viking Wargame & Awesome Pussies + WIN Limited Edition Luke Skywalker! #Weekender


This week on the OTT Weekender! We're checking out a FREE Viking wargame PLUS looking at what we've been preparing for a big Frostgrave Week which is going to be hitting over Christmas.

Community Spotlight: Cruel Elves, Judgement Heroes & Conquest Priests


This week we're looking at some suitably cruel Elves, a band of very cool heroes for Judgement and the first step on a Conquest project

Peter’s Paperboys Offer Up A Joust Game For FREE!


Peter's Paperboys have another fun little distraction for you whilst you're stuck indoors. They have offered up a FREE download of The Joust Game which you can print off at home, stick together and have some fun with.

Weekender: WIN Warhammer 40K Starter Box + Oathmark; The Next Big Fantasy Wargame?


We're giving away a Warhammer 40,000 Starter Set plus chatting about the great new Oathmark rules from Osprey Games which released this week. Plus, we're also diving into more hobby, news and Kickstarter goodness too!

Delve Into HG Wells’ Little Wars, The Paperboys Edition


Peter's Paperboys back in February released a fun little book which we reckon would be a bit of fun for those stuck at home right now.

A Master Of Mice & Ferreting Elves Arrive From Blacksmith Miniatures


Blacksmith Miniatures has been showing off some wonderful looking additions to their webstore which are perfect for those who want something different to paint up.

Weekender: Win Infinity Operation Wildfire & A Star Wars Weekend!


Welcome to the Weekender, we've got a huge show for you this week, filled with Infinity news, Star Wars references and casual lightsaber duels to get you through your weekend.

Peter Dennis Throws Civilians Into the Fray In Little Wars


Peter Dennis is a recognisable name in the industry, many rulebooks and miniatures boxes are adorned with his artwork, but what many don't know is that Peter is a miniature maker in his own right. 

Scibor’s 75th Anniversary Tribute To Stanislaw Sosabowski


On September 21, 1944 the Polish Independent Parachute Brigade finally landed. Poles landed on the west bank of the Rhine in the Driel region with the task of supporting the British desperately defending themselves on the other side of the river.

Fun & Funky 54mm ForestKith Goblins Pop Up On Kickstarter


ScaleBro are back on Kickstarter looking to get funding for their new range of collectable ForestKith Goblins in 54mm who would be perfect for painters who want to have a go at working on something different.

Judgement Welcomes Two New Heroes, Bale & Sarna


Coming to the 54mm tactical miniatures game next year, Bale & Sarna are two new characters dropping for Judgement!

Sculpting Miniatures for Oathsworn Into The Deepwood


Sam sits down with Toby O'Hara from Shadowborne games talking about the miniatures of Oathsworn, Into The Deepwood.

Weekender: Battle Systems’ Fantastic Fantasy Terrain & WIN Conquest Two-Player Set!


Come and join us and Battle Systems as we talk about their new project and much more.

Super Fantasy Brawl Smashes Funding Goal On Kickstarter


Super Fantasy Brawl from Mythic Games has taken to Kickstarter this week and already smashed through their funding goal.

TGCM Création Showcase New Beastly Buccaneers


TGCM Création has released two new fighters for Briskars - their animalistic skirmish game set in the age of piracy.

Community Spotlight: Judgement Beasts, Mortal Realms Warriors & Tanks


Come and join us for another look at what you've been doing in the projects system this week!

Unboxing: Judgement – Tabletop Miniatures Game


Today Justin and Gerry are back in the Unboxing set to talk about Judgement, the Tabletop Miniatures Game.

Warhansa Show Off Towering Dark Age Warrior In 54mm


Warhansa has been showing off a towering new miniature that is coming out soon.

Scouts & Skulls: Artel W Release New Miniatures


Artel W Miniatures have released images of their latest 28mm and 54mm characters.

Make A Speedy Getaway With New Infamy Miniatures Kickstarter


The team at Infamy Miniatures/Games has hit Kickstarter again with another of their rather charming kits.

Dark Fey Creatures Come To Life On Kickstarter With Ouroboros Miniatures


Ouroboros Miniatures is on Kickstarter right now looking to bring a range of 54mm miniatures to life based on the Fey creatures that dwell in the dark places of the wilderness. 

Aradia Take Another Trip Into The Bad Place With Dante’s Inferno II Kickstarter


Aradia Miniatures have ventured back down into The Bad Place for another Kickstarter that aims to bring a range of stunning sculpts to life.

Let’s Play: Judgement – Pick & Ban


Andrew from Gunmeister Games is back to play through a Pick & Ban variation of Judgement.

Judgement – Background Overview


Andrew from Gunmeister Games joins Justin in the studio to spin a tale or two about the lore of Judgement!

Let’s Play: Judgement [3v3]


We've shown you how to play this new tabletop miniature game from Gunmeister Games and now it's time for a full-on game!

Celestial Painters Interview – Antonio Peña


Sam talks to Antonio Peña about his chosen model for the Celestial Painting Competition and more...

Celestial Painters Interview: Sergio


Sergio Calvo breaks down the doors of the office (...err, through Skype) to talk about his entry into the Celestial Miniatures painting contest.

Celestial Painters Interview: Fabrizio


Sam catches up with award-winning painter Fabrizio Russo to talk about his entry into the Celestial Miniatures painting contest.

Celestial Painters Interview – Diego Esteban Perez


Sam talks with Diego Esteban Perez, one of the amazing artists taking part in the Celestial Painting Competition and asks him about his work...

Judgement: Round Breakdown


We break down how a round will play out in this new tabletop miniature game from Gunmeister Games.

Celestial Painters Interview: Francesco Farabi


Francesco Farabi from Bellerofonte Art Studio joins Sam for an interview on his stunning entry into the Celestial Miniatures Painting contest.

Celestial Painters Interview – Sergey Chasnyk


Sam chats to Sergey Chasnyk about his work as a painter and his time spent working on his project for the Celestial Painting Competition!

Celestial Painters Interview: Aleksandra & Marko


Aleksandra Cvetanovski and Marko Miladinovic are professional artists from Serbia and they've taken some time to talk about Aleksandra's impressive entry for the Celestial painting competition.

Judgement: General Overview


Judgement is a new tabletop miniature game coming from Gunmeister Games from the land down under!

Celestial Painting Contest: 10 Best Painters In The World?


All the painters taking part in the Celestial Genesis Painting Masters Invitational have finished their stunning work, so we thought we'd take the time to introduce you once again to these phenomenal artists.

Celestial Painting Competition Update – Judge’s Comments!


We check out a final look at the miniatures from the Celestial Painting Competition. The figures are finished and we get a few quick Judges remarks!

Celestial Painting Competition – Week #1 Judge’s Comments


We stop in with the Judges for the Celestial Painting Competition picked by BoW who give their thoughts on the progress so far by these talented artists...

Final Kickstarter Days For Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game Close In


Jasco Games and Joe Vargas' Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game Kickstarter campaign is closing in on its final day or so on the funding platform.

Demented Games Shows Off WiP 54mm Launcelot


It appears that in the world of steampunk, bigger really IS better. Demented Games is showing off their stunning WIP for a 54mm Launcelot for Twisted- and he looks brilliant!

New Characters Added To Lumberjack’s Lands Of Arran Kickstarter


Lumberjacks Studio are closing in on the final few hours of their Kickstarter for The Lands Of Arran, and two new characters have been added to the mix for this 54mm scale project.

Visit The Lands Of Arran & Meet New 54mm Elves & Dwarves


Lumberjacks Studio is on Kickstarter right now looking to fund a set of 54mm character miniatures from the Fantasy world of Arran.

Elf Ranger Allandir Stalks His Prey In Judgement Preview


Gunmeister Games has shared a render of one of the heroes for 54mm skirmish game Judgement and the second wave of their Kickstarter. Meet the Elf Ranger Allandir.

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