Scouts & Skulls: Artel W Release New Miniatures

February 10, 2019 by cassn

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Artel W Miniatures have released images of their latest 28mm and 54mm characters.

First up is the 28mm Wildling Scout, perfect for hiding in among the long grass or woodland to keep a close eye for enemies.


I have to say, while I thought this was a nice model, I didn't fully appreciate the complexity of it until it was painted. I really love the intensity of the positioning.


Sometimes, I feel like some miniatures don't really carry any personality before and after painting, but it's clear with this model that you can really make her your own design.

Artel W have also announced they are releasing their Unforgiving Chaplain in 54mm Limited Edition.


This guy looks like he would be super fun to paint, or even incorporate into games like Inquisitor. Either way, that isn't a face (or body) I want to mess with!

The Wilding Scout and Limited Edition Unforgiving Chaplain are available now through the Artel W Miniatures website.

Would you use this Chaplain to display or play?

"Super fun to paint!"

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