TGCM Création Showcase New Beastly Buccaneers

May 30, 2019 by cassn

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TGCM Création has released two new fighters for Briskars - their animalistic skirmish game set in the age of piracy. These two latest additions to the fight are sure to bring new creature chaos upon the high seas!


Pin Jui Shi is a great support for the pirate faction. As the personal taster for Emperor Zífú, his large size, endurance, and intelligence mean that he can donate 2AP to any needy member of his crew.


While he has a high recruitment cost, his unique interactions with the Yuanshi and the Houyis, along with his force, makes him a formidable character worth the extra cost.


While Pin Jui Shi is about protection, Sargent Demetrio is all about speed. This strong fighter reloads quickly, uses improved ammunition, allows soldiers under his command to shoot for 1 AP less, and can lower costs.


This battle boar will decimate opposing forces when combined with other characters skills, and produce a faction that will make short work of its enemies!

So if your militia menagerie is missing a few key creatures, head on over to TGCM Créations now and recruit your wild warriors!

Which animals do you think would make the best pirates? Comment below!

"Creature chaos upon the high seas!"

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