Scibor’s 75th Anniversary Tribute To Stanislaw Sosabowski

September 25, 2019 by avernos

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On September 21, 1944 the Polish Independent Parachute Brigade finally landed. Poles landed on the west bank of the Rhine in the Driel region with the task of supporting the British desperately defending themselves on the other side of the river.

On the final day of the 75th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden we're taking a look at a 1:35 version of Scibor Miniatures Stanislaw Sosabowski. As you can see from the green here along with reference photographs for the General their sculptor has managed to reproduce this Polish Hero with almost photographic precision, hands clasped behind his back inspecting his troops.

Scibor - Stanislaw Sosabowski

Without delving into too much of his history it's worth pointing out that General Sosabowski has, like many, a fascinating story part of which is worth recounting. In 1939 he was given the prestigious command of the 21st "Children of Warsaw" Infantry Regiment.  When the Germans invaded in September 1939 his regiment fought at the Battle of Mlawa and managed to capture back Przasnysz the rest of the division was surrounded and destroyed.

Organising a fighting retreat back to Warsaw Sosabowski was put in charge of the defence of Praga during the Siege of Warsaw managing to both repel the German 23rd infantry regiment and then counter-attack and destroy it. After the Polish surrender, he was interned in a Prisoner of War camp, escaped, made his way back to Warsaw and joined the resistance before being ordered to escape to France in 1940 and join the government in exile to let the world know what was happening in Poland.

After fighting in France and being evacuated to Britain with 6000 men of the Polish 4th Infantry Division young Polish Canadian recruits swelled the ranks but not enough to make it a viable division, so Sosabowski decided to turn them into the 1st Independent Parachute Brigade.

Plans for the 1st Polish Para to be dropped into Warsaw to help with the rising were blocked by Stalin's refusal to let them use Russian held airfields and so General Sosabowski and his elite Polish troops instead would be sent to the Netherlands and the bridge too far at Arnhem. If you're interested I definitely recommend reading further into a fascinating career soldier.

While 1:35 is on the large side for most gamers the figure would be a worthy tribute for a modelling and painting project of an oft-overlooked hero from the second world war.

Scibor has also continued to release more Polish historical miniatures, in this case, a smaller 1:72 kit, and have showcased an officer for 1939

Scibor - Polish Officer 1939

This is still only a work in progress, but already it has a lot of character of a man at his ease reflecting and planning on what is required.

Will you be picking up the General by the shortest route?

"...their sculptor has managed to reproduce this Polish Hero with almost photographic precision"

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