Community Spotlight: Cruel Elves, Judgement Heroes & Conquest Priests

August 9, 2020 by brennon

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Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great looking miniature wargaming painting and hobbying this week...


...make sure to always let us know what YOU have been working on and share it across the site.


Blood Bowl Dark Elves by jammyjim

We start this week with a Blood Bowl team from jammyjim. This was a project for a friend and started off simply; paint up a Dark Elf team for Blood Bowl. Well, when he also suggested that they could be on board a ship and the friend said "oooh!" it somewhat turned into a different project and tutorial at the same time.

Dark Elf Blood Bowl Team #1 by jammyjim

The team here for a start looks fantastic. I really like the style of these miniatures, mixing together those classic Dark Elf purples and greens that we know and love from Warhammer Fantasy Battles. You get a seriously dose of "evil" from these miniatures which is just perfect and I really like the pallid pink/purple flesh which shows they've been hunkering down in shadowy dugouts for quite a while.

However, the real meat of this project is based around the bases (hah). Because this was being done on the cheap, jammyjim snagged some lollipop sticks and then cut them down to fit the base.

Dark Elf Blood Bowl Team #2 by jammyjim

You can follow the full tutorial on how these came to be over on the project link above. It's a very simple way of doing it and I think that the results are spectacular. I like that jimmyjim has then gone in after the fact and painted them up to look like a sea-washed deck/playing field which also has the vital vitae of some poor Fantasy Football player drenching its surface.

Here is the whole team looking absolutely fantastic and ready for the Fantasy Football pitch.

Dark Elf Blood Bowl Team #3 by jammyjim

I think I would be very proud of these if they turned up on my table. The colour scheme is top-notch and the way the bases have come out is something nice and different. I also like that the pitch markings have been used sparingly across the team, I think it makes them stand out all the more.


Judgement Heroes by irishsteve

Next, we're moving on to something massive from irishsteve. He has returned with an almighty dose of Judgement goodness. These 54mm miniatures are stunners and I am always impressed by what irishsteve is able to do.

Judgement Heroes #1 by irishsteve

My favourite of the bunch has to be this miniature, Piper. I love the way that the story has been told with this miniature and the duel paint scheme here which tells you everything you need to know about his character. Sneaking and stealthy rogues are always fun and I think irishsteve has done a brilliant job on Piper.

Things continue throughout this Judgement collection with some brilliant characters all done in different styles. As always, we have to tip the hat to irishsteve for the amount of work done in photographing these miniatures and making these glamour shots.

Judgement Heroes #2 by irishsteve

You can follow a few tutorial hints and tips from irishsteve over on his project link above. As well as breaking things down by image he also talks about the process of bringing them to life. There isn't a step-by-step in the mix but you get a hint of just how hard irishsteve has worked.

In a little bit of a change from the Fantastical, there is also this pair of Cyberpunk-esque Goblins too!

Judgement Heroes #3 by irishsteve

Again, the painting is fantastic and I love all the shading and highlighting here which really draw the eye to important parts of the model. You get drawn straight to the faces and weapons on these absolutely massive miniatures. Also, I love that the bases are so dark and grim. It really helps to frame the miniatures nicely.


Theist Priest by hazyboy75

Finally, we also have a Theist Priest from the world of Conquest. This is the first miniature from hazyboy75 before they dive into this world by Para Bellum Wargames.

Theist Priest #1 by hazyboy75

hazyboy75 has put together a little breakdown of the painting of this miniature in picture form, showing off which paints were used for the different stages of its creation. I think the deep royal blue is a really good touch and works well against the metallics and the cream too.

This then looks even better when you get a peek at the back of the miniature with that red cloak and the fur built up around the shoulders.

Theist Priest #2 by hazyboy75

This seems like a really good way to dive into a game before picking up a full army. As well as being able to take your time, you also get to see how your paint scheme will look on a more detailed miniature. Hopefully, the rank and file miniatures which follow this will look equally as good.

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