Unboxing: Judgement – Tabletop Miniatures Game

March 28, 2019 by dignity

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Today Justin and Gerry are back in the Unboxing set to talk about Judgement, the Tabletop Miniatures Game.

Unboxing: Judgement - Tabletop Miniatures Game

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Judgement is a tabletop skirmish game set in a MOBA style universe, if you're like Gerry, struggling to keep up to date - MOBA's are Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas that usually have one goal, defeat the enemies tower. In this inspired game, it takes the best out of online experiences and throws it into a magnificent tabletop game.

With marvellous miniatures and spells aplenty, your objective is to defeat your enemies or collect a valuable amount of tokens to win the game. At least you won't need to scream down the microphone in Russian to get your teammates to support your lanes, what's not to love?

Who's your favourite character in Judgement?

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