Peter’s Paperboys Offer Up A Joust Game For FREE!

April 6, 2020 by brennon

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Peter's Paperboys have another fun little distraction for you whilst you're stuck indoors. They have offered up a FREE download of The Joust Game which you can print off at home, stick together and have some fun with. If you've got kids, or you're a big kid, this seems like a neat set to play around with.

The Joust #1 - Paperboys

This set prints at 54mm so you can play a rather fun and physical version of The Joust Game where the Red Knight goes up against the Blue Knight. As well as the two knights you also have a full crowd in the background which can even be made to cheer with the addition of more paper crafting.

The Joust #2 - Paperboys

As well as being available as a 54mm game you can also scale things down by printing the pages at 56% and then get stuck into a dice game which is also included in the download pack. Everything is included for you to have some fun and maybe teach your kids a bit about the Medieval period. There is no reason why homeschooling has to be dull!

The Joust #3 - Paperboys

Once you've had a go with this free download there is also much more for you to explore from Peter's Paperboys. They have created a lot of armies in paper form across a myriad of periods of history. All you need to do is pay for the files once and you've got endless amounts of troops to print off, cut out, stick together and play games with.

As an alternative for Historical wargaming, the Paperboys seem like a fun option...

"They have created a lot of armies in paper form across a myriad of periods of history..."

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