Fun & Funky 54mm ForestKith Goblins Pop Up On Kickstarter

September 19, 2019 by brennon

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ScaleBro are back on Kickstarter looking to get funding for their new range of collectable ForestKith Goblins in 54mm who would be perfect for painters who want to have a go at working on something different.

ForestKith Goblins - ScaleBro

The original collection here focuses in on three (or four if you count the creature) models, the (from left to right) Mad Shaman, Evil Chieftain, Sharpshooter and his pooch. Each of them is cast from high-quality resin and are packed with detail for you to have fun with as a painter.

As mentioned above, they are 54mm in scale so they aren't going to be useful for gaming purposes but I think they are going to be fun to see painted up by some of the talented folks out there.

I particularly like the Mad Shaman who is making some weird stew to inspire his fellow Goblins. The detail in his face is stunning and you could have a lot of fun working in different shades across his skin and into his shaggy beard and fur coat.

Make sure to go and check out the Kickstarter if you're a painter wanting to try something different!

Which Goblin is your favourite?

"Which Goblin is your favourite?"

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