Judgement Welcomes Two New Heroes, Bale & Sarna

August 26, 2019 by brennon

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Coming to the 54mm tactical miniatures game next year, Bale & Sarna are two new characters dropping for Judgement! The work by Tom Lishman was shown off not long ago.

Bale - Judgement

The 54mm scale really does let the team behind Judgement play around with the amount of detail they can work into their models. I love that we're seeing lots of nice big areas to block colour but also intricate detail here and there which won't be a pain to get your paintbrush to!

Sarna - Judgement

These two characters are looking great, a neat twist on the idea of Goblinoids with a Sci-Fi element to their design which goes beyond the traditional Fantasy trappings of the game. According to a breakdown of their rules, they are also high-skill level heroes meaning you'll have to do some thinking when playing as them.

You can find out more about their rules HERE.

Will you be snapping these up for Judgement and if so, who are some of your favourite heroes?

"...who are some of your favourite heroes?"

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