Aradia Take Another Trip Into The Bad Place With Dante’s Inferno II Kickstarter

September 8, 2018 by brennon

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Aradia Miniatures have ventured back down into The Bad Place for another Kickstarter that aims to bring a range of stunning sculpts to life. Welcome back to Dante's Inferno and The Divine Comedy.

Inferno Wave II - Aradia Miniatures

Dante's Inferno Wave II brings together a new collection of sculpts from the likes of Ali Jalali (Iran) Andrey Loktionov (Ukraine) Diego Rossetti (Italy) Dmitry Gavrilik (Russia) and Farhad Nojumi (Iran) showing off an amazing array of skills.

Geryon - Aradia Miniatures

Throw into the mix the amazing painting by some of the team behind these miniatures and you truly see just how fantastic these pieces are. Whilst many of us mere mortals are never going to get to this level of painting brilliance it might be worth giving it a go at the very least!

Nessus - Aradia Miniatures

A number of the individual sculpts like Nessus here are available as individual pieces although you can also decide to dive right in and pick all of them up if you are a glutton for punishment!

Just to remind you, the painters you see at work here are the likes of Aleksandra Cvetanovski (Serbia) Alejandro Prieto (Spain) Alex Varela (Spain) Arnau Lazaro (Spain) Marko Miladinovic (Serbia) Robert Carlsson (Sweden) and Sergio Calvo Rubio (Spain). Some of these names might have popped up before as part of our Celestial painting competition!

One of my favourite pieces from the collection is actually this one, the Forest Of Suicide. I think it perfectly captures the darkness of such an act and the sorrow in it too as you have the man clutching the dying woman in his arms.

Forest Of Suicide - Aradia Miniatures

It's hard to say a bad word against many of the sculpts from this collection. All of them have something particularly special about them and whilst you'll not be using these in a game anytime soon I think they might be worth snapping up as hobby projects.

Styx - Aradia Miniatures

With a lot of love and attention maybe you'll get them to the same level as the studio painters who took part in this campaign.

What do you make of these stunning models and which is your favourite?

"One of my favourite pieces from the collection is actually this one, the Forest Of Suicide..."

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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