Prodos Games Release Snarling Anubis Warriors For Space Crusaders

April 29, 2016 by brennon

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Prodos Games have a new set of releases for this month focused around their Space Crusaders game. We're going to first be looking at the Anubis Warriors and Anubis herself leading them into battle...

Snarling Beasts!

First up we're going to look at Anubis armoured up to the nines and looking like anything that stands in her way might get ripped to pieces in an instant.


You would be correct in saying 'But Ben you just said her!' because these are a range of female wolf-ladies armed to the teeth (and claw) for the tabletop. You could almost work them into another popular Sci-Fi game as those characters they swear could never be created.

I really like the look of the model and I already have some interesting ideas for painting her. I actually did make a Space Wolves contingent that had a female character, Freya, amongst its ranks - so I could have these as her war wolves and drop the Egyptian part of the name.

Anubis Warriors

Following the lady herself we also have her warriors that will be fighting alongside her. See what you think of the Warriors.

Anubis Warriors

Inside the set you get five models to support Anubis in combat. I like the touch that the digital painting has given them different coloured hair to mark them out on the battlefield. You could almost do something similar when it comes to your painting of the models.

Anubis  Warriors (Detail)

While the 'painting' here has been very cleanly done to show off the models I think that they could benefit from being covered in a bit of gore!

Anubis Warriors (Unpainted)

I think sticking with some old school medieval colours with pale furred 'Wolves' and then adding plenty of blood to the end of those claws would make for some interesting warriors.

Then you just need to add some additional bodies to the base to show their fallen foes and you've got a pack of reavers!

Armoured Crusaders

Sticking with female warriors from the stars the folks at Prodos have also now produced some Armoured Crusaders to work as your main fighting force.

Armoured Crusaders

It's good to see them fully armoured and ready for a fight. It's a shame that the poses are still a little effeminate however.

It would have been good to see some of them clasping those guns in both hands and roaring at the tops of their voices rather than looking like they are doing a bit of a dance.

Armour Crusaders (Detail)

I do like the style of the armour however which has gone with the big heavy power armour look but distinctive and more High Sci-Fi parts around the middle of the body to look that little bit different. The hair cuts are also rather awesome going for that warrior woman look.

Armoured Crusaders (Unpainted)

All of these models will begin shipping today, April 29th, so if you're interested in picking up some of these models for your tabletop armies you can zip on over to the Prodos Games webstore.

I think I might seriously consider some of those Anubis Warriors!

"...adding plenty of blood to the end of those claws would make for some interesting warriors"

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"All of these models will begin shipping today, April 29th..."

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