Prodos Reveal New Warzone & Space Crusade Miniatures

February 7, 2016 by brennon

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Prodos have shown off a new range of products for Space Crusade as well as additional models for use in Warzone: Resurrection too.

Warzone Reinforcements

We'll kick things off with the additions to the world of Warzone for most of the factions in the game...


These new miniatures have got a certain edge to them for sure. I think the new design for the models in Warzone is trying to very much bring them into the modern era. All of the models used to skirt the line between heroic and true proportions but now they've gone full on heroic.


The first set of miniatures here were for Bauhaus with the Blitzers but we also have these warriors for Cybertronic too in the form of Machinators. They look like they are armed with stun sticks of some kind. I do like the additional little walker critter which is coming along with this set.

Now we get some of my favourite additions in the form of the Imperials and their Warhounds. I really like their character model, Morten Oakenfist, who came with the hammer so it's good to see more models like him who can smash aside the enemy and work as his honour guard.


Last but not least we have the Ashigaru for Mishima who work as the backbone of your army and offer up some more ranged support in the form of a carriage mounted gun. Mishima have always been about combat and getting up close and personal so it's interesting to see them get some ranged options.

Mishima Ashigaru

I think the selection has been stepped up a notch in terms of Warzone and it's well worth checking out these models in more detail as additional units for your armies. I should probably play more Warzone and get my Imperials back out there.

Space Crusade

As well as all the additions to Warzone we also see Prodos releasing a board game out of nowhere. Below you can see the main boxed game for Space Crusade...

Space Crusade

There has been no real indication of how the game plays but according to the information on the webstore it will allow you to fight out clashes between Crusaders and Demons in the Lost Temple or Forgotten City. However, they also have released the models as their own range...


Here is Mamoona from the game who looks like a female version of a Nurgle demon. The sculpting and painting here is certainly rather good and I like how they've managed to make all the boils on her back look slick and fit to burst. As a demon she's not bad at all.

As well as the demon though they also have both dark and light versions of their Crusaders like these Inquisitors here...


Now I would have loved this range IF they hadn't gone down the road of removing all of the important armour on these women. The rest of the range is pretty much the same in that regard and doesn't do much for the portrayal of women in the hobby.

Sculpting-wise the models are top notch but the execution of the 'vision' here just isn't my cup of tea. Imagine if they had armoured them up completely? You'd have had a new range of Sisters Of Battle for people to pick up...

I'm sure we'll have some vibrant discussion in the comments on this one...

"...I really like their character model, Morten Oakenfist, who came with the hammer so it's good to see more models like him who can smash aside the enemy and work as his honour guard"

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