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This War Of Mine: The Board Game



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Grab This War Of Mine Board Game Pre-Orders From Game Found


You can now pre-order various versions of This War Of Mine: The Board Game from Awaken Realms over on the Game Found webstore.

This War Of Mine Kickstarter Closes In On Final Hours


Awaken Realms are closing in on the final few hours for their This War Of Mine: The Board Game Kickstarter.

Weekender: Win A Copy Of This War Of Mine & Battlegroup Chat


Warren's back from honeymoon and needs catching up on the world of tabletop wargaming...

New Tactical Expansion Coming To This War Of Mine Board Game


Soldiers and new survivors are going to be making life difficult for you in This War Of Mine: The Board Game.

Awaken Realms’ This War Of Mine Now Live On Kickstarter


This War Of Mine is now on Kickstarter looking for funding thanks to Awaken Realms. Do you think you'd make the right choices in this harsh survival board game?

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Sit back and relax with us this Sunday as we talk about what we've been up to gaming-wise and what the wider world has to offer!

Awaken Realms Build Fantastic This War Of Mine Diorama


Get a taster for the This War of Mine Board Game from Awaken Realms which will soon be on Kickstarter with this amazing diorama!

Awaken Realms To Produce Miniatures For War Of Mine Board Game


Awaken Realms are going to be working on producing the miniatures for the upcoming This War Of Mine Board Game. This game is a stunner and it's a really interesting premise where you play as the survivors trying to live out their lives in a wartorn country. You don't play the Call of Duty style soldiers here...

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