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Weekender: Speed Freeks; The Next Big Winner For Games Workshop?


We're talking Orkish nonsense today discussing Speed Freeks AND talking with Sally 4th about the world of Albedo Combat Patrol.

Valhalla The Card Game On Kickstarter


Sam sits down with the Creator of Valhalla: The Card Game from Go On Board that's on Kickstarter now!

Go On Board’s Valhalla Card Game Now On Kickstarter


Go On Board are now live on Kickstarter with their card game Valhalla where you take control of a warband of Vikings and fight for glory and a place in the hall of heroes with Odin and the gods.

Witness Valhalla In Go On Board’s Trailer


Go On Board have released a new trailer showing off their card game Valhalla, which is on its way to Kickstarter this October.

Valhalla Card Game Contents Unboxed In New Video


The Valhalla card game is going to be coming to Kickstarter for its English Language version soon and with that in mind, the team behind the game has taken to an Unboxing to show off the contents!

Learn The Basics Of The Mighty Valhalla Card Game


The minds behind the awesome Valhalla Card Game have put together an introduction to the game and the basics of how it plays!

Warring Viking Clans Coming To Kickstarter Soon With Valhalla


Valhalla, created by Lukasz Wozniak, is an awesome card fighting game that was successfully published via a Polish fundraising platform earlier this year.

Looking For A Wargaming Retreat? Check Out Valhalla In The Fall 2016


Wargamer Girl, Miranda has a small Kickstarter running right now for those who maybe interested in a wargame retreat in a luxurious log cabin in Utah.

East Street Games Fight For Their Place In Valhalla


It's time to don the helmets and grab your shields with Valhalla from East Street Games. This one looks like a nifty Dark Age game!

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