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Forge World’s Dread Saurian Rumbles Through The Jungle


See what you think of this deadly new addition to the jungles of Lustria thanks to the folks at Forge World/Warhammer Forge.

Forge World Feel A Rumble Underfoot In The Depths Of Lustria


A massive monster has stomped out of the undergrowth of Lustria and is now looking for a home. Maybe you can bring one of your scrolls of power from the library and summon this on your own battlefield.

Games Day 2013 Picture Gallery!


Check out some of the images from Games Day 2013. With both this AND Facebook we have a mass of snaps from the event so see what you think!

Forge World Release a Hideous Troll Hag into the Old World Rivers


Warhammer Forge, the Warhammer Fantasy branch of Forge World, have released what has to be one of the most fantastically hideous creations they have ever done. The disgusting River Troll Hag.

The Mighty Taur’ruk Commands Your Chaos Dwarfs


Will you be able to stand before the charge of this massive Bull Centaur that leads the Chaos Dwarfs of Warhammer Forge?

Sullen Soldiers & A Dread Maw From Warhammer Forge


Check out the awesome looking new additions to the Warhammer Forge line.

Warhammer Forge Releases the Heroes of the Dwarfen Throng


The Dwarfs of Warhammer Fantasy have some of the greatest characters and leaders in the wargame (just ask BoW Ben) and now Warhammer Forge are releasing a new Dwarf Command set to help set apart your armies stout, stubborn leaders.

Lead Your Night Goblins To Victory With Warhammer Forge


The Night Goblins find some new commanders with Warhammer Forge.

Warhammer Forge’s Mourngul Is Out and Hungry for Flesh


If you thought the cannibalistic ghouls were a terrifying prospect than you will quake in fear at Warhammer Forge’s new Mourngul.

It’s Games Day UK 2012 This Weekend!


Games Workshop’s biggest event, Games Day is hitting this weekend. Make sure to follow us on Twitter during the day if you can’t make it!

A Magma Dragon Stalks into the Warhammer Old World


Does this Magma Dragon light the fires of inspiration within you?

The Lore of Fire Summons a Mighty Warhammer Elemental


A mighty fire elemental is bought to life by Warhammer Forge. But is the model actually that good looking?

Forge World’s Roaring Bull Centaurs Charge into Battle


Bull Centaurs roar onto the battlefield from Warhammer Forge.

Warhammer Forge Unleashes the Preyton’s Twisted Form


Warhammer Forge have released another creature which has been twisted by the dark forces of chaos, the Preyton.

Something Colossal and Squiggy is Coming!


Check out this over sized eating machine from the minds at Warhammer Forge!

The Chaos Dwarfs Bind the Power of the K’Daai Fireborn!


The K’Daai Fireborn are ready to be unleashed upon the Old World from Warhammer Forge.

Unleash the Monsters and Magic of the Old World!


A masterful tome full of monsters and magic to add to your Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Skin Wolves and Mysterious Frogs from Warhammer Forge


Some howling and some pathetic croaking is heard from the Warhammer Forge!

Beware the Basilisks Gaze from Warhammer Forge


The creepy Basilisk comes down from the mountains.

Waaaaaaghammer Forge Orc Rogue Idol Now on Pre-Order


Check out this monstrous pile of rocks from Warhammer Forge!

Greenskins Next for Warhammer Forge?


Greenskins are next for the Warhammer Forges hammer?