Warhammer Forge Unleashes the Preyton’s Twisted Form

June 15, 2012 by dracs

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Warhammer Forge have released another creature which has been twisted by the dark forces of chaos, the Preyton.

Warhammer Forge - Preyton

Warhammer Forge - Preyton Side

While their appearance is truly vile, it is the legendary malice of the Preyton that makes them particularly dangerous. Corpses mauled beyond recognition and tracts of forest befouled and trampled betray their presence, the savage creature often discarding the torn ruin of their victims to rot, killing out of pure hatred rather than hunger. Little is known of their origins, but dark legend has it that in ages past they were Great Stags who were enslaved and corrupted before sacrifice-strewn herdstones. Now, bereft of their nobility, the Preytons know only an all-encompassing hatred for that which they have lost.

This twisted chimera of a creature is a true amalgamation of Games Workshop beasties. The sculpt is good, though it looks to me more like a bat-winged griffon with antlers, rather than a truly unique creature in itself.

What do you think of this dark monster of the forests?

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