New Denizens Of Rome Previewed By Footsore Miniatures

February 9, 2018 by brennon

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Footsore Miniatures previewed some more of the denizens of Rome that will be coming to the streets to help form your gangs and generally get in the way for Gangs Of Rome.

The Butcher - Gangs Of Rome

The Butcher is one of the first incolam for the game that provides you with new and exciting encounters on the tabletop. For example, if this fellow gets a hold of your gang members and you fail to escape three'll end up in one of his stews!

We also have The Back Street Healer, a person who I imagine has had no real training.

The Back Street Healer - Gangs Of Rome

No doubt you will be taking your chances when it comes to meeting with this healer, but if you don't have the coin to pay for proper care...maybe it's a chance worth taking?

Have you been delving into Gangs Of Rome?

"'ll end up in one of his stews!"

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