Victix Finish Another Of Their Charging Republican Romans

December 13, 2017 by brennon

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Another of the new set of charging Republican Romans has been finished for the upcoming plastic kit to help support Victrix's growing Roman range. Take a look...

Republican Roman Cavalry

The model is shown in a very dynamic pose, something we're seeing a lot more from Victrix at the moment. I particularly like the different angles you can approach throwing that javelin from and indeed having it as a stabbing weapon instead.

You can also arm the model with a sword if you like, for when he's used up his lighter weapon and is now getting stuck in with the fighting proper.

Republican Roman Cavalry (Sword)

I love the look of anger and intent on his face as well here, another of the nice details that Victrix is able to work into their sculpts. I reckon this set is, once again, going to go down a storm with people.

Are you going to be picking up some of these new cavalry models when they pop up?

Let us know below...

"You can also arm the model with a sword if you like..."

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