Female Vikings & Pict Warriors From Bronze Age Miniatures

October 5, 2012 by brennon

Bronze Age Miniatures have got some more historical warriors of both sexes for you to add to your wargaming collection. Check out the miniatures below and consider adding them to your Dark or Arthurian Age warbands...

Female Vikings...

Female Viking #1

Female Viking #2

Female Viking #3

Female Viking #4

Pict Warriors...

Pict Male #1

Pict Male #2

I'm a fan of all of these guys! I particularly like the Female Vikings since you could mix them into a warband of traveling warriors and have them as part of a scenario based adventure! The Pict Warriors are pretty ace too, especially the bloodthirsty man who has stolen a Roman helmet from some daring raid on a near abandoned fort.

Beware though as these are 32mm. They might be slightly too big for your average 28mm warband.

Some pretty great miniatures worth a look I think!

What do you reckon, and which is your favourite?

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