Fight in the Time of Arthur with Dux Britanniarum

August 9, 2012 by brennon

If you wanted to bring to life the battles of King Arthur, where the Saxon invaders fought against those left behind in the wake of the Roman invasion then maybe Dux Britanniarum is the rules set for you from Gripping Beast and Two Fat Lardies.

Dux Britanniarum Rulebook

From the book...

"The rules are designed to be played with relatively small forces. A Saxon starter Army is just 38 figures, a British starter army is only 44 figures, both of which can be purchased from our web site in 28mm although the rules play just as well with larger or smaller figures. Forces are grouped into six figures for most warriors and four figures for skirmish and missile troops or cavalry. The tabletop rules are D6 based and simple to use, with the single page playsheet on the rear cover of the rules covering 99% of situations. Activation is determined by a speedy card driven system where all units get to act in any single turn."

This sounds like a great idea. A simple and fun system which enables you to really get into the action rather than bothering with sheets and sheets of rules.

On top of that, one of the most interesting aspects is the character building for your nobles. You can build your noble to be an individual on the battlefield, and when this is twined with scenario generation a grand campaign is certainly on the cards.

You can grab this book at Gripping Beast or Two Fat Lardies in a variety of different formats.

Could this be the historical rules set for you?

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