The Gladiators Begin Training For Tomahawk’s Jugula

February 11, 2014 by brennon

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Studio Tomahawk's Jugula is on the way and you can't have a game without miniatures. With that in mind Gripping Beast showed off some of the Gladiator kits that will be coming out for the game. See what you think of this arena-bound line-up...

Gladiators #1

Gladiators #2

Gladiators #3

Gladiators #4

The details that we know so far are that the miniatures are 35mm in scale and will come as a multi-part metal kit. This means you'll be able to customise each of the Gladiators with a variety of different weapons and looks for the arena.

These are all looking very cool indeed and I like that they've made it so you can tweak the weapons to fit your desired fighting style. Jugula should be well up there on the 'one to watch' scale.

You can also see another glimpse at the rules over on the blog linked above.

Do you like these Gladiators?

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