Knuckleduster Deliver Some Frontier Justice

June 1, 2013 by dracs

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There are a lot of games out there based in Wild West style settings, be they historical like Blackwater Gulch, or just plain weird like Malifaux or Wild West Exodus. Now you can bring some justice to these places with Knuckleduster's latest set of minis.

Frontier Justice

Now these are by no means amazing sculpts. The ones which don't have beards covering their faces look particularly off to me.

However, they would make good citizens with which to populate our frontier towns. The inclusion of civilians always provides greater depth and new scenario options to a game. Whether they are innocents caught in the crossfire, or lawmen who might fire back at whoever is disturbing the peace, they can make for an interesting addition to your games.

Do you think Knuckleduster's cowboys would be worth including in your wild west games?

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