Tell a Merchant’s Tale in Tabletop Workshop’s New House

January 24, 2014 by dracs

A marchant was ther with forked berd, Upon his heed a Flaundryssh bever hat and he probably lived in a house like the one that Tabletop Workshop currently have up for pre-order.

Merchant's House

First up, apologies for starting with a Chaucer quote. Second, this new building from Tabletop Workshop is very good medieval era merchant's house at 28mm scale, suitable for both fantasy and historical gaming.

Merchant's house unpainted

Merchant's house Inside

The building itself shows a nice level of detail. It is comprised of eight different panels, which can be clipped together and disassembled easily to make the building easy to transport.

Being the home of a merchant, the house is understandably rather grander than those you might expect to see belonging to the medieval peasantry. It should stand out well in your tabletop village and add a bit of variety to the buildings.

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