Mighty Early Saxon Heroes Now Available from Musketeer

September 7, 2012 by brennon

So we saw a snap shot of the finished Vortigern from Musketeer Miniatures yesterday, and here are the new releases all painted up and ready for you to buy! Aella & His Bannerman and Hengist & Horsa are now available!

Aella & His Bannerman

Hengist & Horsa

Great looking miniatures from a great period of history. Aella is looking suitably windswept and as one of the legendary lords of Dark Age Albion he'll be a great addition to any side.

Hengist & Horsa, the raiding duo who had very little honour between them are also a great pair and are worthy to be in Early Saxon armies. All these models could probably translate into the later periods of Anglo-Saxon England too, which is always good!

Always good for using in SAGA too!

Bring on the Saxon raiding parties!

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